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Day 25 – Young people today!

Katy S – Yo yo? Hula hoops? What was your favourite toy as a kid?
Katy P – (A) Year ago today…
Peg – Yesterday – what three things did you like about yesterday?

So today I wanted to do my own theme, but today didn’t exist last year (stoooopid leap years!) so I shall have to choose another. Miss Pegs theme has already been covered by my Three Things February post, so, by process of elimination I guess I’ll be talking about toys!

I always wonder what ‘as a kid’ means, do you mean when I was a toddler? Still in single figures? Or maybe just pre-teen? I’m pretty sure my idea of a good toy changed over the years. Four year old me favoured a doll named Rebecca; she had brown curly hair and eyes that really opened and shut. Even when I was given a new Baby Born which cried and could be fed, Rebecca was the favourite. Prior to that I was a fan of Mickey Hoops, a stack up hoop game with a Mickey Mouse head to go on the top…is this the kind of story you want Katy?

After we moved to Wales my Aunts Cindy house came to live with us and I would spend hours playing with Barbie’s and Polly Pockets (they were Borrowers, stealing cups and buttons from the Barbie’s). I remember so many times when I’d come home to find my nephew and his friend Rosie playing in my room, sticky fingers on my toys, arrghhh!!!

As Josh got older, I grew out of Barbies and he Cowboys and Indians and the pair of us moved on to Lego. Honestly, I wasn’t very good at ‘playing’ with Lego, I’m too anal. I’d spend hours sorting the bricks out by size so I could find everything easily only for Josh to come in and tip the whole lot onto the floor the second I’d finished. Drove me crazy! I remember my brothers and I building a giant (about a foot tall I guess) Lego man one Christmas though, that was fun.

It’s funny how you spend so many hours playing, and yet when you ask me what I did for those days and weeks on end when all you had to do was play I seriously couldn’t tell you! I didn’t watch much television, only really played video games when my brothers visited during the school holidays and wasn’t very outdoorsy. I did love to read though, maybe I spent most of my time doing that! Once the teenage years hit computers were far more popular and I discovered Monkey Island, The Sims and Lemmings, friends would come over just to sit and ‘go on the internet’ till it was bedtime. In a world where every teenager has a laptop, psp, iPod touch, facebook and skype it seems weird to think I was the only kid with a computer! How quaint!!

What was your fave toy as a kid? Leave a comment below!


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  1. The best toy for a kid, even to this day? I reckon it has to be a cardboard box, and my children will have cardboard boxes. They will be come cars and trains and castles and robots and tunnels and houses and sheds. They will be whatever their imaginations want them to be. Kids of today need imaginations or we aren’t going to be the country on inventors that we are now. James Dyson wouldn’t’ve made a bagless hoover had he not been given a cardboard box to let his imagination roar as a child.

    Rant over… as we were!


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