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Bucket list item 27 – Climb the Atlantic College Watchtower

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I finally did it!! After 18 months of wanting to, and at least 7 planning to today, on the final possible day, I went up the watchtower at lunch time! I’m not in the office tomorrow, the boys are away in Spain next week and then I’m gone so it really was last chance saloon!

So at lunch, Robbie, R2 and I set off through the misty gardens to the sea front; from there there is a flight of stone steps, which soon become stone cut into earth, wood cut into the hillside and eventually (at this time of year) just mud! It’s about a 10 minute walk through the trees until eventually the watchtower appears, pretty suddenly and unexpectedly really. I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules for students to climb the tower, if not then it’s certainly frowned upon; the stairway has been blocked up to prevent adventurers but unfortunately for the powers that be (or should that be luckily for us?), the floor above has long since caved in, leaving a second story doorway and access to the stairs above the block. All you have to do, is climb up…easy! Well, easy when you have two burly lads to help you anyway!!!!

The winding staircase within is narrow, dark and gnarly but the view from the top is so worth it. Especially on a day like today, to emerge above the fog, into glorious sunshine and a view like this


It’s worth it! We stayed up there for about half an hour, enjoying the sun and the view. It was so peaceful! What a way to spend your lunch hour eh? Lucky me!!


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