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Somewhere beyond the sea

Howdy from the good ol’ US of A! The Big Apple to be precise, well, almost. I’m actually on Long Island, in the state of New York. It’s just next to NYC and the first stop on my trip. I got here yesterday, still feels a little surreal.

Firstly though, what an amazing weekend!! I went out in Bristol with some of my best best friends for one last hurrah, laughed, drank, chatted, ate pizza and danced till the club closed! Then on Sunday went for a delicious Mud Dock brunch (if you’re ever in Bristol you should eat here, esp on a sunny day), visited the aquarium and theeeeen….went up in a hot air balloon (Bucket list item 45!)!!! What a way to spend my last day in Britain eh? I’m never ever going to forget it.


The company rang at 9am to say there was a space on the 3 o’clock flight so there wasn’t much time for nerves, or even much excitement, to build (don’t think the hangover and lack of sleep helped much!) but a can of coke each later and we were flying high, enjoying the peace, quiet, stunning views and occasional blast of flame to keep us warm.


I can’t think of much that would have made my last week at home better, I saw Florence and the Machine, coordinated an event at the House of Lords, it was my birthday, I’ve seen so many family and friends who are important to me…this weekend was just the icing on the cake. One for the happy thoughts book.

And now, I’m here! In bed at 2pm (tis only 10am here) waiting for people to wake up so we can hit the big city of New York! Arghh I’m so excited! The flight yesterday was ok (a one way flight may I add, ohaii Bucket List item 46!), thought I’d watch a nice comedy film, picked The Descendants, turns out it’s not at all funny, actually pretty depressing!


Then the pilot announced we’d be shortly landing in Boston (that woke me up!), and the quote of the flight?

‘Please note that wing exits must be kept clear of luggage, rubbish & small children. These must all be placed in overhead lockers during landing…’

Don’t fly BA with young children folks!

That’s all for now, catch ya later 🙂


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  1. Yaaaaaay! MAJOR bum boogies that the Week of Yay was far more Yayful than you could ever’ve planned, a perfect start to your adventures!

    Miss P, I officially Christen your blog a travel blog! Wooooooohooooo! I hope the Big Apple is everything you hoped it’s scrummy name will be! xxx

  2. Ha loving the plane comment. Enjoy matey! Speak soon x


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