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What’s your curve ID?

If you don’t know then you obviously haven’t visited a Levi store recently! Your ‘curve ID’ (ladies) refers to the size of your booty! Could you be slight? Demi? Or bold? Well the answer is just a few measures away! Turns out Omelia is slight, I am bold…anyone who has seen photos of us will not find this surprising. Half an hour later I’d decided there was no justification for a $70 pair of jeans I wasn’t going to wear in Asia and Omelia came away with a pair of half price flares to replace the ones she tore the other day. Success!

From there we walked down Market, visiting the Creme Brûlée Cart (take away creme brûlée? Yes please!) till we found ourselves at Pier 1, the start of Fisherman’s Wharf.


Honestly this whole stretch consisted of a lot of big warehouses and not much else till we hit pier 23 and Levi Plaza, a park with fountains, pools and stepping stones! There was also a diner where we stopped for lunch. Trust us to have found, probably the only diner in San Francisco where most mains were $20 and small plates $15. There was nothing small about the sides though, check out these fries!


A literal mountain! I’ll admit I was beaten.

After this Omelia, who had been feeling iffy all day, decided to head back to the hotel and I was on my own.


I took a stroll down Pier 39, home to tourist shops, everything you can imagine to eat, a huge carousel and the loudest San Franciscan inhabitants I’ve met so far, a colony of sea lions!


I could have stayed there for hours watching them just you know, being sea lions, but today being our last day in the city I wanted to get over to an area I’d heard a lot about, Haight. The F tram picked me up right outside Pier 49 and took me all the way there which was lucky!


And here I am! In a bar called Magnolia, sipping a Two Rivers pomegranate cider and chatting to Jesse, who’s house hunting! Haight is quite like Camden really, lots of boutiquey shops, incense and marijuana related paraphernalia. In fact someone just got arrested outside the bar for smoking pot on the street, oops! The place has a good vibe though, chilled and friendly. I’m just going to make sure I avoid the parks after dark…I’ve been warned!

Picking up the rental car tomorrow to begin the drive to LA. It’ll be my first time on the left of the car and the wrong side of the road…wish me luck!

Also feel free to leave me a comment or two, nice to hear your feedback, stops me feeling completely cut off from you guys!

Talk soon xx


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  1. I love it when my emails tell me you’ve blogged, generally because I don’t see them until first thing in the morning!

    Have you thought anymore on doing 3 best bits since the last time you blogged, or something like that?! Saying this, I love hearing all the stories properly!

    Those chips look incredible, even at 8am I want! And I’m with you on the sealion front, I’d’ve stayed there for hours!

    Glad you’re having such an amazing time! Safe driving xxx

    • Lol yeah the time difference is working in your favour with that one hey? We’ve had such crap internet the past few days! Who knew LA would be the worst place for wifi. In Philly now though, one day here then flying to Sydney from New York on Monday…go go go! Xx

    • Ps I was gonna do a ‘best thing, worst thing’ type blog but we’ve been moving so fast, haven’t had time to blog every day. Nevermind 🙂

  2. hey sweetie!! you’re really enjoying yourself in this ’round the world trip…!! so envious!!! 🙂 !! hope everything goes great!!! 🙂 !! but… just a question… are you sure you were in San Francisco?!?! ‘cos on the tram I saw the exit signal, but it is written in Italian…. omg!! have fun driving on the left of the street 😉 !! tell us how it works for you 🙂 !!hehe!!

    • I think all the trams are from different cities? I went on a Milan one, a Venice one and I think there was a Chicago one too? They’re all really individual which is cool, but yup, DEFINITELY San Francisco!!

  3. worldaccordingtodenise

    I love reading these travel blogs of yours, it really feels like we’re there with you. Seems like you’re having a lovely time 🙂

    • Hey thanks Denise!! Really glad you’re enjoying it 🙂 I keep a diary so this blog is purely for folks at home to catch up with me you know? Good to know it’s being read, haha!


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