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LA in a day!

Good evening from Los Angeles, LA, Hollywoooood! Having extended our stay in other places along the route we literally had today to see this HUGE city. So, we did the sensible thing and booked onto a very touristy bus tour. Job done!

We’ve both agreed we’re not fans of bunk beds, though our dorm mates this time were far quieter than in Vegas! Our tour left at 12:30, so we took ourselves down to the Santa Monica pier for a walk first. Apparently this pier has been used in several films, including Forrest Gump, and it’s the last stop on the famous Route 66…so that was fun!


Both of us praying for the clouds to BUGGER OFF we headed back up the hill to catch our bus. First stop, Venice Beach where, shock horror, the sun came out!! Hurrah! Venice boardwalk, the home of Muscle Beach, is home to a lot of artists and the buildings reflect this, sporting graffiti, sculptures and all sorts of art. There were guys all along the boardwalk trying to sell their CDs and people in scrubs offering ‘medical marijuana’ cards. Apparently thats quite a popular thing in this town.

Half an hour later we were on a tour of stars houses, which I didn’t find that interesting really. Our tour guide seemed more interested in telling us the famous deaths and suicides!! The best two houses were the Fresh Prince of Belair house and the ‘Witches house’ owned by the granddaughter of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz and only used in October for parties!


Doesn’t that look spooky! Imagine a Halloween party in there!!

My favourite part of the trip came next, a visit to the Walk of Fame and Chinese Circus. I have the same size hands as Meryl Streep! We’re obviously destined to be lifelong friends. In other news Will Smith has REALLY big hands, and so many of the women had heels on…in cement! Mental!


Did you know there’s a panel of people which decides on who gets a star on the walk of fame? And each star costs the celebrity $25k. There are 5 categories of star, motion picture, television, live theatre, radio and records. To date only one person has all five stars, someone neither Omelia or I had ever heard of.

The next stop was Omelias highlight, the Hollywood sign. Rules and regulations have restricted tours to one view point, where there’s only one parking space, but luckily Ricky was a fan of breaking the rules so off we went. Back in the day, before the place was covered with motion detectors and cameras apparently the sign was used in a lot of protests and publicity stunts. For example one year it was painted pink to raise awareness of homosexuality, and another time it was changed to read Holywood when the Pope came to visit! I think it’s a real shame these things aren’t allowed to happen any more, imagine a pink Hollywood sign!


Friday is ‘all you can eat burger’ day at HI hostel Santa Monica, so Omelia and I are currently sat enjoying a good ol’ American BBQ, chatting to some other travellers and enjoying our last night in the city. Tomorrow we leave for Philly at 730am, early start! So, I shall stop being anti social and bid thee adieu! Till next time 🙂


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