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Iiiiiiiiin West Philadelphia…

Most of yesterday was spent in the air. We were up at 5 for our taxi to LAX and flight number 1, a 3 hour trip to Dallas, Texas. I was sat by Sarah, from Santa Barbara who was off to Virginia to see an old friend, sounded like a fun trip. Texas looked beautiful, cloudless blue skies as far as the eye could see…I wanted to stay! It struck me I was as far from the ocean as I have ever been, so that was something. I don’t think it technically counts as a state as we didn’t leave the airport, but I’m looking forward to coming back some day. Gotta visit Katy!

The second flight was not as fun. I was sat by the worst guy! He started the flight with a long snore filled sleep, arm flopped over the arm rest (as in over it, not just on it) and then finished off by listening to heavy metal, full blast on his iPod for the last hour. Torture!

From the air Philly looks quite like home, which suits the drop in temperature and rain on the windows.

Finding the hostel was easy actually, out of the station, 10 minutes walk and we were there. Omelia has been told lots of horror stories about LA and Philly and so felt uneasy walking in the dark. I dunno if I’m being naive or if people have over exaggerated (maybe a bit of both) but they both seemed fine to me.

We’re in the Apple Hostel, which turns the lights off between 11pm and 10am making me feel like I’m in boarding school. I do quite like the ‘skylights’ though.


Today is the last full day of our trip and we’re both knackered. I’m so looking forward to getting to NYC tomorrow and picking up my trainers, after miles and miles in pumps my feet and legs really hate me. Today has been very patriotically American, visiting the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and learning a lot about American history.


I also got to meet up with a friend who’s living out here so that was fun. We went to South Street for some old fashioned Philly Cheesesteak, which is basically beef strips, cheese and onions in a hot dog style bun. Then it was over to Chinatown and JFK plaza, otherwise known as Love Park to enjoy the last of the sun.


Apparently the fountains behind the Love sign, when on, are often dyed all different colours and really impressive. I’m not sure why they weren’t on today though.

After this we said goodbye to Reneé and headed off to see the Rocky steps, before realising neither of us had seen the movies and didn’t really care…oops! But on the way back we did see a really cool statue.


Then it was time to head back to pack for home and Australia tomorrow. We even added our own lil stamp to the travellers board downstairs! Always good to leave your mark.


It’s been such a fun trip, though we didn’t really end on a high with Philly, ah well! It’s movie night in the hostel, with free beer! Don’t mind if I do 🙂


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  1. Hey matey! Haven;t checked this in a week so back up to date! I have that exact photo of the seals on pier 39 san fran lol. Hope all is going well? Sounds like ur having a great time and hopefully u are now en route/ in Australia! Lol re the meryl streep hands comment, i cant say i actually measured my hands on the floor. I’m guessing u haven’t seen the massive redwoods tree u can actually fit a car through? It’s huage!

    Anyway message me when u can! x


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