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Aussie rhyming slang and other stories

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Ahh I’ve had such a good day!!! Yay Australia!

Firstly though, yesterday, which was also pretty good 🙂 Steph, Luke, Merri and I went to the beach. Finally, beach weather! We started the day off at Bronte

and then walked along the cliffs to Bondi Beach. It was a really nice walk, with a good breeze even though the day was hot. Lots of people were running (nutters) and there were even random workout stations along the route for those who wanted to add a little extra to their exercise regime.


We spent most of the day sunbathing, reading and paddling in the sea. The waves were HUGE! At Bronte the surfers were pretty much on the sand before the wave fizzled out. Bondi was slightly calmer, though there were still lifeguards stationed to stop anyone going out too far. Maybe that’s why some people opt for the salt water pool overlooking the bay…the waves crash up the rocks and into the water. Pretty cool!


Today however the gang were back at work and I was booked to visit the Blue Mountains. Our tour guide Libby picked us up at 7am and we were off, stopping first at Featherdown Wildlife Sanctuary to meet some of the locals.

These two were my favourites


Though there were plenty more friends to meet!


Featherdown was originally a home for sick animals to recuperate before being released back into the wild, but so many animals were brought to the centre that it took too long and many became ‘humanised’, meaning they were unable to be released. From this the animal sanctuary began. I leaned some interesting facts too! Did you know koalas sleep for up to 18 hours a day to digest the eucalyptus trees they live off. Also they can only eat the trees they are used to so can’t leave the place they were born. Then, red kangaroos, the national roo of Australia are grey when young, then they turn red. I was lucky enough to meet a young roo who was just turning red. He was gorgeous!


For our next leg of the tour, Libby delighted us with some ‘Aussie rhyming slang’…which sounded a lot like Cockney rhyming slang to me! With the exception of ‘maggot bags’ which was basically lunch, and that doesn’t even rhyme!

We drove up the great western highway to the great dividing range, a mountain range which starts in Papua new guinea and finishes in Tazmania and splits the east coast from the inland. All round us the sky was a hazy blue, created from the oil of the eucalyptus trees infusing with the dust in the air. We were in the blue mountains.

The ‘scenic world’ part of our tour offered three rides, first the skyline; a cable car suspended 250ft off the ground between two cliffs. Our guide, Dave, asked me to do the honours, so I got to press the button and start our journey…oooo! Midway across another button turned the floor of the mid section of the car see through allowing you to see exactly how far up you were.

After this my new friends Katy, Hannah, Rick and I headed over to take a ride on the worlds steepest railway.


A remnant from the mines which used to work here, this train offers a near vertical drop through the mountains. Back in the day it was used to lift the coal from the mine, now it’s just a tourist attraction. It went pretty slowly really but was still fun. Next to the railway was a rollarcoaster track, it was never approved but apparently the family who own the park have been on it. Looked incredible!

We had 40 or so minutes to enjoy the rainforest before catching another cable car back up the mountains to the bus.

And now it’s gone 11 and I have to be up at 630 for another big adventure so…consider this to be continued! Till next time xx


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