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So Katy and Peg are currently blogging every day about things which have made them smile. It’s a good practice really, something I have done before (I called it three things February) which makes you concentrate on something good (something good, something good….you look like snoopy and it makes me smile) from your day when all too often it can be easier to focus on the negatives.

At the moment I’m struggling a little bit; starting a new life, in a new culture, new job, home etc, it’s been harder than I expected. So I figured maybe reminding myself of something positive from every day, no matter how small might be a good plan. Focus on the good things, it’s a habit which is all too easy to slide out of.

So, I shall start with yesterday, why not hey?

A few good things happened yesterday actually, number 1 I sorted out the internet in my flat! It’s so nice to be able to connect to people at home again, I don’t think I realised how cut off I felt. I have my phone but sometimes certain apps (*ahem* facebook) make life unnecessarily difficult! Yesterday I received encouraging words from my best girlfriends, chatted to peeps I met travelling and had an epic skype sesh with a fellow member of the TV crew. I was also able to do some research for my sisters wedding next year as I finally had access to Pinterest again! It really cheered me up.

Secondly I did a good deed. There’s a friend at home at the moment who’s poorly sick, and in typical style has managed to simultaneously run out of all food and useful medication. Were I not 8000 miles away I’d have been right there with a red cross parcel. I couldn’t quite manage that this time but I did the next best thing and it caused a smile. 

And thirdly (need all the smiles I can get so excuse me for doing more than one!) I had a really good chat with my Nan. Things have been a bit strained there recently, but yesterday she was there for me and that meant a lot. Hopefully getting back on track.

So, there’s my three for yesterday. Wonder what today will bring!


About LilMissKaty

Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. What a great idea. Its never easy starting from scratch especially in a new country. Keep smiling and time will pass you will make new friends and it will be not so hard anymore. Xxx

  2. Yaaaaay welcome to 100 smiles! Firstly: WOOHOO internet 😀 Hopefully it’ll be another thing may you feel a lot more settled! Mark Zuckerbeg can go screw himself now 😀

    I hope your friend is feeling better now… 8000 miles can seem slightly closer with all this modern fandangled technological stuff!

    Finally, I am proud of you KP 🙂 xxx


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