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100 smiles – day 6

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Have I been doing this almost a week already!? Oh boy!! I figured I should start counting or else I’m going to get very confused very quickly!

Soooo….what made me smile today? Well, nothing much has made me frown…not seeing the student who told me to die the other day…not a whole day of walking girls upstairs to sign for their books, not the nun looking most unimpressed at my girls practicing deportment with their books on their heads (again!) or the fact that it didn’t stop raining ALL DAY or forgetting to put my tongue bar back in after work and having to go by a new one…nope, these things I approached with my usual can do attitude which seems to have returned. But what made me smile?

As I was  walking to my first class after lunch I was joined by a homeroom teacher named Wha. She’s friends with Loriel and really friendly! After the usual hello small talk she asked if I spoke Thai, to which I replied ‘nit-noi’ (a little). ‘Are you wanting to learn?’ *nod* ‘Then I shall teach you! From now on I will speak Thai to you, so you learn’. That really made me smile! I’ve been hoping an offer like this would come along and am really excited. So much so that tonight I’m doing homework, so next time I see her I can have a basic conversation!

Also, I found something for my youngest nephew…



…can’t wait to (virtually) see his face when he opens this parcel!

Pretty good day really 🙂


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Yay for unofficial official Thai lessons! You’re always gonna learn one hundred million times easier if you’ve got a local to help you out and put it into real life context! Plus, once you’ve learnt more we can learn more 😉


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