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Gooooooooood mornin’ Amsterdam!

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Hello Amsterdam!

What a beautiful city, home of canals, coffee shops and hundreds of cyclists. There are bikes everywhere here, so much so that most of the storage is double decked. Despite the forecast saying otherwise (this is why I never usually check the weather!) we’ve had glorious sunshine the whole trip so strolling through alleys and alongside canals has been lovely. I hope we can hire bikes this weekend though!

As is the case usually my worst bit of the day wasn’t really ‘bad’ in that nothing awful happened, but it did make me sad. We visited Anne Franks house; it was so interesting to walk around the rooms described in her book, it was almost exactly as I had imagined, and, as she says, quite spacious for an annexe. But when you think of how long they were stuck there, the eight of them in those four rooms unable to to outside or make a sound, only to be betrayed and to perish in concentration camps like so many others, it’s so sad. I cannot imagine how afraid they must have been, how desperate and angry, how many questions must have been left unanswered. It really made me reflect on how lucky I am, and how easy it could be to lose everything.


The best part of my day came later that evening. The four of us met up with Ingmar and after visiting a few chilled out bars for pints of Palm ended up in the famous Bulldog, the home of space cakes and white widows. One of our gang decided to take the plunge and the results were hilarious…a whole nights entertainment for the bargain price of €4! Apparently the world went fuzzy, everything was in slow motion, total conversations were zoned out of and absolutely everything was hilarious! I can’t imagine people doing that everyday, maybe you get used to it? Or I heard the locals have a weaker strain for regular use? Either way it’s certainly less messy and far cheaper than alcohol, not to mention highly entertaining for those around you!!


So all in all it was a very cultured day in Amsterdam, from one extreme to t’other. I wonder what tomorrow will bring!


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