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Holland frrrrriends!

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Today we decided to take a train to Den Bosch, after a delicious European breakfast including some nice nutty pate for Sanj (close call!). We had a lovely day in the strolling around the very Dutch streets, visiting churches and generally exploring in the sun. I didn’t think I alone could sum this one up so here’s the best and worst bits from everyone…


Best Bit – Seeing old school stuff in the backstreets of Holland, things you would never see on the high street

Worst Bit – almost dying after eating pâté. How I managed to not eat any of the nuts, talk about lucky!


Best Bit – BBQ, meat, food

Worst Bit – being tired as hell and jet lagged. I almost fell asleep on the boat, it was cool but maybe in 15 minutes not 50



Best Bit – I had no idea where I was going but we ended up in the exact right spot to catch the boat, that was lucky!

Worst Bit – walking on the dead people in church, ew!! Or maybe paying €2.25 for a tiny glass of water!


Best Bit – playing card games all together in the evening. Introducing Karjin and Lidwien to snap and learning how to play spoons. Lidwiens reactions to winning and losing were hilarious.

Worst Bit – sitting outside waiting for the BBQ and listening to the thunder creep closer and closer! You knew it was gonna hit right as the food came out. Luckily Sanj had a genius plan to just pick the table up and move inside. I’ve never eaten BBQ food on garden furniture inside before, hilarious! Or actually maybe realising the hostel I’d booked us into was in Taiwan, which explains why it was so much cheaper than all the others we’d found…oops!!!!

We eventually went to bed around 1 and just as we’d all settled down to a nice game of eye spy the door opened on its own!! Moments later there was a knocking to the left of the door, then around two metres to the left again, then behind me… It went round the room getting louder and louder for the next few minutes. We ignored it but I was freaked. After half an hour or so it was time for lights out, the noises had stopped but I’m amazed I managed to sleep.




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