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It’s all gone a bit Dutch

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Hello from Holland!! Popped over to the continent for a few days with friends I met in Bali.

So here’s my highs and lows of day 1. My absolute favourite thing about today has to be Karjins house. It’s beautiful! I’m so nosey when it comes to houses anyway but this one is just above and beyond. Her mother is a painter, with a flare for colour and decoration which has led to their home being a gorgeous clash of modern, retro colour and style. From bold huge patterned wallpapers to staircases painted red and unique paintings hung on every wall, it’s a truly inspiring place to stay. Even the garden has been sort of ‘designed’ with a pond, bridge and hammock to chill on. We sat outside till the early hours of the morning, catching up, making plans for the rest of the week and enjoying a random game of ‘consequence’. Did you ever play that as a kid? It’s been years since I’ve even heard of the game, but it was a giggle!

The worst thing (though actually quite funny) occurred after a few beers and a gorgeous pancake dinner when we were invited to visited the old house Karjin works at. Walking to the car I called shotgun but was dismissed, there began a race to the passenger seat which ended with both Sanj and I half way in the car. He’s a LOT bigger and stronger than me and yet the only way he could win was to douse me with water from a very warm bottle which was sat in the car. I was not.amused. So not only did Sanj disobey the rules of shotgun, he left me soaking wet in the back of the car. Not cool dude…not cool!! 😛



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