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Tannoys and tv sets

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Last day in Amsterdam, boooo!! It was such a fun trip though, I’m glad I came ๐Ÿ™‚

The lowest part on todays Dailycoaster came at the airport. Sanj and I had similar flight times which was handy! However on arrival our check in desks were on totally different sides of the airport so we arranged to meet in departures. Turns out ‘departures’ is a pretty big place! I couldn’t find Sanj anywhere!!! No trouble though, I figured I’d just send him a text when I got back to the UK, easy peasy. 15 minutes later and ‘Would Miss Katy Phillips flying to Bristol please come to the airport information desk, that’s Katy Phillips flying to Bristol to the airport information desk’. Whaaaaaat was going on?? Thinking there must have been some sort of emergency I pretty much ran to the info desk where a woman informed me there was an issue with my company and something about a seat…yeah, Sanj had used the emergency tannoy system to locate me. I was mortified. The lady at the desk explained that in future this system was not to be used for this purpose while I waited for Sanj to arrived. Bleugh!!

When I got home, after a boiling hot bath mum and I chilled out watching Turn Back Time. Haven’t had a night in with mum in forever, it was really nice ๐Ÿ™‚ Made me glad to be home, again. Who’d have thunk that would keep on happening!!


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