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Must be time for a loop the loop by now!

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The saying goes that only boring people get bored, and today I was determined to not let that be me. I attempted to busy myself in any way possible; I organised belongings, wrote letters, updated my diary, started a new book and practiced guitar. After that I edited a photo collage for a friend, actually cooked myself some proper lunch rather than the usual yogurt, wrote up a blog I’ve had in my head forever and even had a workout courtesy of my new dvd. Busy bee huh? Somehow though, I was still bored. I wonder if it is just a state of mind rather than an actual lack of activity, either way it was the lowest part of my day, feeling like I had nothing to do.

The highlight of my day was the arrival of my blood donor card! A few weeks ago I had some time to kill whilst in Cardiff so I gave blood, I walked by the advertising sign and for once had no excuses (i.e. I wasn’t feeling ill). I’ve always wondered my blood type (having only received less than certain answers from the parentals) but as from today I can tell you I am 100% certainly O Negative; a universal donor! Woooo blood cells! So now I know I have special type (for those that don’t know, O Neg can be given to anyone, making it really useful in emergencies when there’s no time to determine the patients blood type) I’m going to have to make sure I donate more regularly, you never know when someone might need it.


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. A couple of points:

    1) You don’t seem negative at all! Your outlook on life (at least as it comes through in your writings) is POSITIVE and often inspiring.

    2) On the “boring people get bored issue” – its only the case sometimes. I feel more often than not, it’s the intelligent people that get bored. Bored with the telly, bored with people, bored with the monotony of life, career, or even day to day living. Sometimes it’s hard to find outlets that others so easily find entertaining or challenging.


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