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A truly coasterous day

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I’m quite ashamed of my worst part today. I was rude. Regardless of someone’s behaviour to you rudeness is not acceptable. You should rise above it, strive to be the better person. This is especially true today because despite the way it was put, the intentions of this communication were good. As Elsie De Wolfe said, ‘Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you’. Definite fail.

But after that rocky start, my day was so much fun! It was N2’s last day of primary school EVER so Big Sis arranged to take him and his class to see the new Ice Age film followed by a slap up meal, leaving N3 and I to entertain ourselves; which we did! As it miraculously wasn’t raining we headed to the beach for a few hours of climbing dunes, chasing waves and drawing sand pictures, followed by a trip to the park where there were forts to conquer and slides to, well, slide down! N3 was a bit scared of one of the big slides, so I sat on the wood next to him and we slid down together. He came off gigging while I ripped my leggings and am pretty sure gained a few splinters in the back of my leg! All in the name of Aunthood though, we had a real laugh. Arriving at home sandy and soaking after jumping in puddles. This evening the pair of us cuddled up on the sofa with MacDonalds to watch Rio, which I recommend if you haven’t seen it. All in all it was a really fun day…minus the splinters!



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