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I’ve wanted to learn the guitar since I lived in Cardiff. There was one in the flat which was never touched but I just didn’t put the time in. You know how they say if you want something bad enough you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse? There was always something better to do, some reason not to practice. Then last winter I borrowed a guitar from a friend, determined to master it during my month off work. I learned quite a few chords but struggled with strumming, safe to say the guitar was returned before I went travelling without having any songs played on it by me!

When I got back to the UK I got myself a guitar, it’s a black Hudson acoustic, really pretty, and this time I’m determined to progress! I’ve been practicing for around an hour every day (not weekends) and with the help of UKguitargirl’s YouTube channel I can now play (at least the chords, in order, relatively well) ‘Use Somebody’. Truthfully I’m still pants at strumming, I find it really hard to find the rhythm for the song, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually!

Tuesday evening however did not go so much to plan, and it’s been a routine I’ve both enjoyed and looked forward to so that wasn’t so fun. Hopefully next week will be better!


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