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Happy thought – The Queen of Chunky Knits (it’s a pity about the abbreviation) and I went for a drink in one of my favourite pubs. We haven’t had a catch up in a while, but even so I was impressed that we managed to fill over 3 hours quite successfully! You know how sometimes you make friends in work, then one of you leaves and there’s suddenly nothing to talk about? You realise you only ever chatted about work, the people, the place, whatever? Well Queenie and I do not have that problem! Was lovely to sit in the sun (until we realised we were both shivering) and natter about films and travel and families and all sorts of other nonsense. Looking forward to next time already 🙂

Not so happy thought – I had an interview for a job I was really super excited about, but sadly they’re offering it on a zero hours basis, and expect each person to work around 10 shifts a month. I have had zero hour contracts before which is why I applied despite that, because in my experience they always have more work than you can handle! Being told that you’d probably only earn £400-£700 a month just left me perplexed. Who were they expecting to employ? The hours are so sporadic that organising a second job around it would be tricky to say the least. Due to the nature of the roles you are expected to work early mornings, evenings and weekends, so that rules out parents, it’s the wrong time of year for students really, unless you want people who will disappear in September. So who? I’m very perplexed. If anyone has any ideas please do let me know!!


Ray of sunshine – the sun was out, yaaaay!! How lovely to finally have some sunlight, sunlight which is meant to last all weekend! Marvellous! The best part of the day however was probably getting crafty. It’s been ages since I made anything and at the moment I’m working on two projects! One I finished last night, the other is slightly more tricky but I’m getting there. I’ve realised how much I missed it.

Rain on my parade – I’m very grateful to have such lovely, generous parents who decide you need a new interview outfit and come out with you to get one that very day. Honestly, I know a lot of people aren’t so lucky. If only I was rich and people just wanted to make clothes for me, like Kate Winslet or something. I could have tweeted ‘I just fancy a new interview outfit’ and by today a tailored, perfectly fitting, one of a kind something would have been delivered to the door without me having to set foot in a changing room. That would have been ideal. As it was I had to go into one of those horrid rooms with mirrors all round you and try on dresses and skirts and trousers and shirts and tops and shoes and ugggggghhhhh. Mission complete though. I shouldn’t need to go again till 2020 right? 😀


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