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Oh Queenie, do cheer up!

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Ahh what an magnificently British day!! I’m not an avid sports fan and probably won’t watch much of the Olympics, but I, along with billions of others, was simply glued to the screen last night. What a brilliant show! Danny Boyle, I salute you sire!! It was historic, patriotic, magical and bright, celebrating the best of British and reminding us we really do have a country to be proud of. Yes at times it all seems like it’s going Pete Tong, but last night was a display of what the world sees when they think of the UK (except with a distinct lack of tea cups!) and I think we looked pretty darn good!

Best bits: Queenie looking bored (come on, it was funny!), Charles and Camilla in stitches, Mr Bean stealing the show and when the stage turned into a fairy tale. I loved the forging of the Olympic rings, the lighting of the cauldron (was anyone else confused about what the kids were carrying prior to that?) and David Beckhams face driving that boat…he just couldn’t stop grinning!! The sheer diversity of the contest was brought home by the procession of athletes and some amazing costumes, and we all cheered at those who truly waved their flags like it was the best moment of their life! I laughed, got emotional and was genuinely glued to the screen from start to finish. What a show!

Let downs: Like many others I went to a party last night, played the Olympic drinking game and watched the show in the company of a few nationalities. At one point, as is sadly inevitable when you live in Wales, the talk turned sour, directed at the evil English of course. “Why is the national anthem the English anthem?”, “Why aren’t they singing a Welsh song?”, “Why the Arctic Monkeys? They should have got Tom Jones!” were just some of the comments made. But guys come on, just for the next 16 days, let’s not be 4 separate countries; let’s be the United Kingdom, Team GB! Just for once can we forget England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and all root for our guys to bring home the gold. Come on Britain, you can do it!!!

I made Olympic biscuits!


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