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Wales – is it the green green grass side or the other?

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It’s so easy to take where you live for granted, especially rural West Wales where not much goes on and it’s often raining. Some times, some days, you are reminded that you live in a beautifully picturesque and peaceful place…others you wonder why you bother!!!

Today Siw and I went out for a stroll which turned in to a 5 mile walk and lunch! We set out from Ferryside and headed up and over to neighbouring Kidwelly, enjoying stunning views of patchwork hills over Llansteffan and the white sandy beaches of Pembrey. It was the perfect way to escape that ‘morning after the party’ feeling and enjoy sunshine, salty sea air and beautiful surroundings. I felt so lucky to be there and honestly wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.


After our walk we hopped in the car and headed over to the local race course which was hosting an E-Festival. I’d never heard of such a thing! After having such a great time at Beyond the Boarder, a storytelling festival, it sounded worth checking out! Wrong. What a flop!! The £15 ‘festival’ consisted of 1 stage, 15-20 craft stalls, and 3 vans offering burgers, sweets and ice cream. There weren’t even any books!!! (It was an e-book festival it turns out, go figure!)

Since we knew ‘the band’ Siw and I did not have to purchase tickets (instead carried equipement and felt very Dirty Dancing) but while we were there we heard more than one comment from punters and stall holders alike expressing their disappointment, “What a waste of money!”. The pair of us made a quick exit when refund discussions between stall holders and the management got heated, but after being promised 20,000 guests you can understand their frustration to see a ‘crowd’ of 20; at least some of whom must have been friends/famuly of those involved, like us. It made me think, people so often moan that there is nothing to do in this county, yet when a new and innovative event (allbeit very over priced) is offered on a warm and sunny day…noone shows up! What can you do hey? At least they tried!

So, Wales…beautiful, wild and infinite but sometimes it just makes you feel a bit…




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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. More the festivals fault no?

    • Bit of both I’d say. It was over priced and under advertised, but even then less than 20 people showing up seems ridiculous! Makes you wonder if they had done the same thing elsewhere if it would have been more of a success. The skeptic in me says yes.

      • I enjoyed your Blog Katy. I would say the price of £15 for one day at the festival meant it was never going to work, this is South West Wales. £3.50 maximum for the first year. Everyone I spoke to locally had no idea of the festival which is bad preparation, wouldn’t a warning sign be that at an e-festival no tickets had been bought online prior to the opening day?

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