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The Royal family – celebs? Or better than that?

They’ve been everywhere lately, naked in Vegas, winning Olympic medals and now topless in France. Shock horror!

Our Royal family have done all sorts of amazing things this year; the eyes of the world were on London for the Diamond Jubilee and everyone was full of glee during her Opening Ceremony James Bond skit. Zara represented us superbly in the equestrian team, and quite rightly received no more media coverage than Ennis or Daly. Now Harry has gone back to Afghanistan, a story which barely made the national papers. I’ve heard more about Jennifer Anistons upcoming nuptials than all the positive Royal actions of 2012 (but maybe that says more about the company I’ve been keeping!). But as soon as they do something ‘wrong’? WHOOSH!

First Harry…dear Harry! He’s a bit like the Royal Boris isn’t he? With Nazi costumes, drunken antics and naked Vegas fun! But honestly, if you’re going to send the guy to fight in a war, what business is it of yours what he gets up to on leave? Just because you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth doesn’t mean you should sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting to shake hands with the next Ambassador at so and so’s charity gala. Why is it any more shocking than ‘those’ photos of Scarlett Johansson or I don’t know…Justin Beiber underage drinking (we all know he’s done it!)?

Then this week, there was Kate, the nation’s favourite princess and some horrible French newspaper trying to drag her off her shining pedestal and into the mud. Honestly, a row over whether pictures taken from a road ‘less than half a mile away’ with a ridiculous lens count as invasion of privacy is a farce. There’s no contest! Of course they bloody do!!!! With all the hours they put in to doing positive things for Queen and country, why is it ok for them to be stalked on their down time? Bugger off!! I’d love to see stats on how many private hours William and Kate have had together since their wedding, I’d bet money on it not being much in the scheme of things.

If they were out cavorting with the press at every opportunity then I’d say fair enough, they have brought it on themselves. But I suppose then it would not be news. Perhaps it’s their aloof nature which encourages paps to be so obsessed with tiny misdemeanour. Who knows.

On this occasion however, I have to say I am so proud of our press. Have they printed the snaps? No. Have we, the British public, judged Kate? No! I love the support people have shown against this attempt to sully our Princess. I love that Prince William has donned his sword and shield to be Kates knight in shining armour, and I LOVE that they got the outcome they deserved!!

I understand that people, as a rule, enjoy gossip, even if I don’t condone or like it, it’s a fact of life. What annoys me is the viper like speed with which the press sink their teeth into anything to tarnish a good reputation, especially when that reputation belongs to us. So I say hear hear to the judge who granted the induction and bravo to all those who refused to bring themselves down to the standards of those printing it.

So, our Royals, are they regular celebs? No, they’re better than that! And maybe it’s time the paparazzi of the world took notice!

Me? A Royalist? Long live the Queen!


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