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How time flies…

A few people recently have expressed the opinion that I would enjoy Downton Abbey; I’m not generally an avid TV watcher, tending to stick to Doctor Who and The Apprentice but with such an amazing cast, and being a period drama (which I am a bit partial to), I thought I’d give it a go! I really liked it (as people knew I would)! I enjoyed the ‘behind the scenes’ drama, intrigue, humour and ‘us’ verses ‘them’ feel. The first episode is set in April 1912, in the immediate aftermath of the Titanic disaster. Here I offer you two facts; I have almost always known that the Titanic sunk in 1912. I have also almost always known my Great Grandmother was born in 1908. However, at no point (prior to yesterday) did these two facts converge.

My Gran was 4 when the Titanic sunk.

Someone I knew, met and talked with was alive in the time of Downton (though nowhere so grand I assure you!). Plastic was invented when she was one!! Imagine being a teenager in the 1920’s, living through two world wars, the first commercial flight, the introduction of television and popular music. She was ten when women gained the right to vote, a teenager when A.A.Milne created Winnie the Pooh and Walt Disney first introduced Micky Mouse. Her twenties saw the completion of the Empire State building, the invention of the cheeseburger and abdication of King Edward VIII. Indeed our country had five monarchs in her lifetime…FIVE! I’m in my mid-twenties and have only witnessed one!! Many of you will have watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics… Ethel Clara Seal witnessed almost ALL of that first hand. She was alive when the Beatles changed the music world, when cinemas were introduced and Britain elected a female Prime Minister. I could go on…the first computer, China becoming communist, the discovery of DNA and invention of the seatbelt. Cigarettes went from cool, to good for you, to very very not good for you and man walked on the moon. Imagine going from there barely being cars…to travelling to the moon! All in 60 years!

I have always known these things happened in the 1900’s, but I think it took last nights trigger to make me realise how recent all this is! Not long ago our world was one of horse and carts, of log fires and telegrams. Zoom forward one hundred years to when Ethel Clara Speakman died and we all have little things within a metre of us with which we can answer any question in the world, contact our friends, check our bank statement and book a holiday all within 5 minutes. Can you imagine the possibilities for the next century? If we continue at this pace…I can’t even begin to fathom where the world could be!

However, if I do make one hundred, like my dear old Gran, I hope I too can look around at my family, as she did, with a smile on my face and say ‘Aye, we’re a good looking bunch!’ What a star!


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  1. Interesting post talking about all things that have come into being in that time. Something to think about though – having relatives that lived through two wars means that we are lucky to be here ourselves. The indiscriminate killing that took place through those wars means that our grandparents could have very easily never met and produced children who then went on to produce us. My grandma tells the story of a time when a German incendiary bomb dropped through the roof metres away from her – of course a few metres different may mean that I wouldn’t be here writing this today and all (admittedly not very important) things I have done in my life would never have happened.

    History is incredibly powerful.

    • Absolutely…I did start to explore that topic but it all got a bit big and deep so I scaled it back. Luck, chance, fate, however you want to view it, if you think of all the people who have come before you to result in you being here now, it’s amazing!!

  2. This is such an interesting thought, so much so that I couldn’t help blogging myself about it! It’s amazing how much some people have lived through, we’re babies in comparison to some lives. We’re tiny aspects of the world, maybe we won’t see much more technological progression in our lifetime or perhaps we’ll see the majority of it and our families will be the ones admiring how much we’ve seen. Fascinating subject.

  3. History is important

    Women got the vote in 1918. How can she be a teenager? Your incorrect historical data makes me very mad! Don’t blog if you don’t understand basic facts.

    • Budd, I don’t know what to say, I didn’t mean to make you angry. How could I? Until 5 minutes ago I didn’t even know you existed! To have so much anomosity about something so small seems like such a waste of energy. I am very aware of when women got the vote, as you might be able to tell by the scale of information in this blog I did actually do some research while creating it! It was a simple mistake made at the editing stage which, thanks to your keen eyes has now been rectifed. Might I suggest that if everyone in the world were a little more forgiving and polite we would all live in a much nicer place! Next time, before you vent at someone for an innocent mistake, perhaps take the time to consider how your energies may be better spent. Failing that, go headbutt a wall.

      • History is important

        I just find it incredibly frustrating when you discuss topics of which you have no accurate information on. Your research surely can have only been googling and taking the first answer as a given. Your 5 monarchs comment for example. Edward VIII does not count as although technically he was king he never receive the crown officially.

      • Actually monarchs do not have to be coroneted to reign, I’m almost certain we didn’t have a princess on the throne in the many months between Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and her father’s death. More-so, why else would it ‘the King is dead; long live the Queen’? Coronations are merely formal acknowledgments of an already sitting monarch’s status.
        Might I suggest sir, if you find my blog so offensive and frustrating, that you do not waste your time reading it, and therefore cease to waste mine by submitting passive aggressive comments. I am not afraid of constructive criticism but really, there is no need to be rude!

      • History is important

        Golly just taken time on this fabulous Saturday to laugh at your genuine stupidity. How funny that you blog with this enthusiasm but complete lack of writing skill, grammar and general attention to detail. Next time you write remember what you are inflicting on the general public, poor things.

      • Would you like to be the kettle, or the pot?

  4. Might I suggest you both find something better to do? Katy, I know you’re only defending yourself but if you stop rising to the bait then I imagine this idiot will go away. You know how it is with attention seekers, they can’t stand to be ignored, and honestly what other reason would they have for taking the time out of their ‘fabulous day’ purely in an attempt to cause upset on a (no offense) small time, personal blog? Let it go chick, you’re not going to win and even if you could, why waste your time on someone who is so far from worthy of it?

  5. What a thoroughly excellent read.. It is crazy how much we have eveloved (some more then others judging by comments left)….

    Scary to think where we will be 50+s years from now…. Maybe worp speed ( star trekkers will know what I’m on about)

    I’m not a great speller but you get my drift!!

    Keep up the cool blogs.. Love the randomness of what’s on your mind!!

    Beats hearing about x factor etc!! Ciao

    • Thanks Sanj, you’re a love! And you’re right, it is a bit scary, but more than that (for me) it’s exciting! When I’m a granny and explain to my grandchildren that I grew up when not everyone had the internet (or even a computer) and telephones were fixed things in the lounge, I can’t even fathom the world we might be in! I’m looking forward *touch wood* to finding out though!

      • What about the old dial phones their minds will explode!! Things like ps3 & wii’s will look like blocks of jenga to them!!! Imagine what monopoly will be like!?

      • That’s if these things even exist of course. Things like monopoly are only just hanging on as it is…

  6. Beautiful sentiments – really touched by this & hope to catch your blog again soon Helen


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