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As if it’s 2013!

January 1st is an interesting day isn’t it? So many of us want start anew, with healthy food, exercise and good intentions determined to make this year better than the last (the trouble of course being that most begin hungover and trying to piece together the last moments of 2012…oops!). Then there are the resolutions, love them or hate them, most try to make them and almost half are abandoned by January. The most popular are of course, to lose weight, save money and stop smoking, with falling in love and spending more time with friends and family coming close behind. I’m not so sure how you can resolve to fall in love though, it seems to be something beyond control, the type of thing which blindsides you when you’re not really looking for it!

Anyway, did you know you’re more likely to fulfill resolutions if you’re in your 20’s? And (this one made me laugh) you’re 10% more likely to reach your goals if you make resolutions than if you don’t…shocking! Thanks!

Here are my personal promises for 2013; they’re pretty much all from my bucket list….why mess with a good thing?

  1. Visit Macchu Picchu during the Lunar eclipse in May
  2. Go to La Tomatina in August
  3. See a play at The Globe
  4. Learn all the words to ‘La Mer’, in French
  5. Get back to my happy place

5 seems like a pretty good number to go on with so we’ll stop there for now. I’m sure there will be other random things, a few not for public consumption and goodness knows what else.

Whoever and wherever you are I wish you a happy and healthy 2013; may resolutions be easily kept, goals be reached and everything come up roses.

Thanks for reading x


About LilMissKaty

Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Afternoon Katy, firstly let me return your good wishes for the New Year.
    I’ve read your generic list, and laughed that I have already been to the gym this morning. Being in work today, and on call last night, there was no alcohol to use as an excuse
    I hadnt really thought much as far as a list goes, but I guess :-
    1. I’m determined to take a foreign break
    2. I would like to start my own blog( maybe call it ‘a little bit if robbieness’)
    3. Get the band a gig in the live lounge in Cardiff
    4. Start painting again
    5. Be more ambitious and think of a 5th resolution!

    Enjoy your day


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