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Dictothon day 1: Crudeness

Oh yes from the people who brought you the Blogathon and the Alphathon…introducing, for a limited (and yet to be specified) time only….THE DICTOTHON!!! After many months of trying to think of a new blogging theme, which involved many conversations such as…

Me: ‘I kind of want to do another blogathon!’
Peg: ‘Me too!!! What shall we do this time?’
Me: ‘Hmm…I don’t know, any ideas?’
Peg: ‘We could blog about the Olympics?!’
Me: ‘Would all kind of be sports related right?’
Peg: ‘True…hmmm…so what could we do?’

…and repeat! We finally had a brain wave! From now on, every day (or as often as we remember), Peg and I will take it in turns to randomly choose a theme of ‘thoughts’, ‘definition’, or ‘story’ while the other blindly selects a word from the dictionary. It’s as random as we could make it, and means today you are stuck with a story (courtesy of my friend Greg who selected lucky door number 3) about…’crudeness’…word chosen by Peg and the wonderful ‘Collins compact dictionary’.

Here goes nothing!

Now you’ll have all heard tales of monsters I presume? Many years ago, when man was young and the earth was old, our world was home to some terrible creatures. They paraded the skies, blotting the sun with scale and claw and roamed the land in search of bones to crunch. Some even patrolled the lakes; vain creatures, made smooth and slippery by years of water on their backs, they loved to lie and watch the sun catch the light on their shining scales. These were Nessies, ancestors of mermaids, far removed from the beauty’s who would draw ships to their deaths in centuries to come, but not quite the brutes made harsh by rock and sun who still roamed the land. All, so legend has it, save one. A halfling who lived part in water, part in cave…this creature was unrefined and course, not beautiful nor sophisticated. It was this that earned her the name of ‘Crudeness’.

A pariah caught between two worlds, shunned and spurned by land dwellers and creatures of the deep, destined to live a life of isolation. Across the centuries men have glimpsed the fearsome Crudeness and averted their eyes in terror at the loathsome sight. Trapped forever, frozen in evolution, too hideous for documentation for none have survived the force of her gaze; millenia of pain and loneliness (or was that her cousin? I forget) such is the tale of this creature.

And does she dwell here still? Like the creature from the Loch; no bones bleached on a distant shore, or fossil pressed forever into the rock of our society have been found to show the demise of Crudeness. Does she linger here still on this tortured earth?

So begins the Dictothon…to be continued!


About LilMissKaty

Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Hahahaha, I love it! So utterly random and awesome all in the same breath. Awedom?

    My favourite bit: ‘millenia of pain and loneliness (or was that her cousin? I forget) ‘ – because it’s so obvious that loneliness may be her cousin.

    And what a great name is Crudeness.

    I’m intrigued mostly by the themes we have shared within our stories, written in separation and yet something we’ve both pulled from the depths of the crudeness pit.

    • Hehe I love that bit too, it made me laugh, which I think was needed in such a sorry tale. My favourite bit though is ‘frozen in evolution’…I don’t know where that came from but it seems like a good sentence! Have to thank mum for a few prompts along the way, especially not ‘ending it’ but leaving it as a cliff hanger… not unlike yours! How spooky!!!


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