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Not enough hours in the day – or are there?

Time is odd really isn’t it? It seems to stretch and squash depending on what is least convenient, so boring days last aeons whilst fun and busy ones zoom by. We often wish time would speed up, or slow down depending on the task at hand but were there more hours in the day, what would you do with them?

I’d like to say I’d be careful with my extra hours, were they offered; I’d spend them doing useful things I don’t have time to do now. For example I might actually play my guitar, learn Spanish and take that calligraphy course I’ve been talking about for ever. With an extra hour a day I could fit all this in, and more. I could go to the gym, or at least for a run, or do something about those cobwebs slowly creeping out of the corners by the ceiling.

But in reality, were I to get extra time then wouldn’t the rest of the world get some too? I’d end up working 9-6 rather than 9-5.30 and that would be half the time spent. If the time was in the morning I’d most likely laze in bed for an extra half hour browsing instagram and pinterest or, you know, sleeping! Either that or fit one more episode of Game of Thrones in every evening, or a few more chapters of my book – let’s be honest, it’s how a lot of my hours are spent currently so why expect different?

I’m sure, were I to set my mind to it, I could have mastered the guitar, Spanish, calligraphy and trained for a marathon in the last year but other, less productive, tasks steal my time more often than not. Habits dictate how you spend your days; as a kid I came home, did my homework, watched neighbours, practised the flute, had my dinner then probably spent hours on the phone to a friend, playing sims or on msn chat. As an adult I come home, watch neighbours, cook dinner (sometimes), perhaps write a letter to a friend or more likely watch something on my laptop or read my book. Every now and again there are film nights, game nights, or nights at the pub but for the most part not so much.

So in answer to the question, I’m not sure that I need extra hours at the moment. Perhaps if I could bank them, save up for those inevitable busy days when I don’t have enough time; for weekends or holidays and special occasions when the hours go by too fast? Yes, if I am to have extra hours in my day may they be couponed please? Redeemable at will, so that every hour is busy and well spent while empty ones set aside for later use? Yes, redeemable hours and adjustable days, that would suit me just fine!



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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. That is such a good idea, so very useful. Then if you have too much time you could maybe pass it on to someone who doesn’t have enough and vice versa. That would be rather awesome. Definitely the best response to this question, ever. (Not that I’ve asked anyone else, but the way people live their extra hours in this book I’ve just finished isn’t nearly as fun as how you would live yours.)

    By the way, which book are you reading at the moment?


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