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Seconds? Oh no I couldn’t..oh go on then!

In her blog yesterday Peg asked which foods you find irresistible? You know the ones, the stuff you HAVE to have if it’s put in front of you no matter how full you are! She named her top 5…chocolate, cake, chocolate in the form of cookies, finger shaped chocolate and strawberries! Chocolate covered strawberries must be a fave!!

I’m a bit weird about food at the moment, going on a health kick has made me assess almost everything I eat and honestly so far I haven’t found anything which has made me stray off the good food path. If I’ve gone out determined to be good then I am good, end off. There have been occasions where I’ve just given up even attempting it (weddings and festivals mainly!) but for the most part this year my relationship with food has become a lot more controlled and monitored and less of the ‘see food’ diet I usually live by! Why am I telling you this? Because I think before, when asked what foods I couldn’t resist, I’d have probably given completely different answers to the ones I’m going to give today, today when I know I can resist most things if I put my mind to it and have a much better idea of the things I can’t!

So, here are my 5:

1. Salad – no really! Even as a kid if you put a bowl of salad (usually a big one meant for several people at a BBQ) in front of me I’m going to end up munching on it. Fresh red, yellow and orange peppers, cucumber, cruchy iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes etc? I’m there, yum! It’s what I missed most when I was at camp in the states, we only got a salad bar once a week so I would often buy myself a big bowl on my day off and keep it in the staff fridge – making it last a few days, delish!

2. Fresh bread – the just out of the oven, still warm, slightly crusty on the outside yet perfectly fluffy inside type of bread. Yes please!

3. Sea bass – not sure if this counts as a ‘cant resist’ but if it’s on the menu it’s what I’m having. In fact I love seeing it on the menu as it means I don’t have to read the rest, decision made – and it’s always good!!

4. Creme brûlée – as above!

5. Curry/chilli – there’s something about the smell of these which just makes you have to have it. It fills the house and your head until you give in and reach for the spices. Too yummy! My house is filled with this smell even as I type which may have influenced my decision somewhat, but ah well!

So, there you have it. The 5 foods which if on offer I find very hard to refuse!

What would yours be?


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