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How bizarre….

So in a bid to learn more about the world around us Peg and I have decided at least some of our blogging attempts have to focus on current events. We have set ourselves a few challenges to write about in the next few weeks, but today’s was ‘share an unusual/weird news story’; challenge on!

Naturally my first stop was Google, where I found the telegraph’s weird news story section, useful! There were some good contenders on there, including multi-functional fashion and clouds that look like things, but those were more picture galleries than actual news stories. There was also an interesting article about the world’s oldest man who lives in Bolivia and has reached the grand age of 123, but I was sure the depths of the internet could provide me with something even crazier than that if I only had the patience to look.

My next stop was the Huffington post, a site well known for its bizarre and wacky interpretation of the word ‘news’. Today’s stories include Sharkception   (you can probably guess), a sex drive-in  and a story about a 9,000 calorie burger. But these stories just don’t have the validity of an actual newspaper name so it was on to…

The Express!! Who informed me about a sleep artist (literally someone who creates art while sleeping) who has been drawing and painting pictures whilst asleep since the age of 4, despite not being able to create than at all when he is awake

But I think the winning story for me, had to be this: A man left is velvet covered Ferrari outside Harrods and it got ruined in the rain. There are so many things wrong with this story!! 1. Velvet?! Who would ever want to cover anything in velvet?? *shudders* 2. If for some bizarre reason you have decided to do this to your car, why would you leave it out in the rain? Some people have too much money!

I rarely read the news, but that was rather fun! Who knew the world was quite as bizarre as all that!


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Amusing – though I was disappointed to see you hadn’t picked up on the dog that was pretending to be a lion…

    Enjoy! Xx


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