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BREAKING NEWS: Woman late to meeting!

Early this afternoon 28 year old Josie Carlton* of Oxfordshire went missing.

Usually a stickler for time keeping, her colleagues first realised something was wrong when Carlton failed to arrive at the venue 10 minutes prior to her 1.30 appointment. By 1.32 there was still no sign and, with the coffee running dangerously low on temperature, people feared the worst ‘We didn’t know what to do without her’ stated Sarah Williams, a colleague ‘she had the papers for the meeting and was meant to do the introductions!’ Sarah went back to her post at the window, keeping watch, her face pale with concern.

Josie was last heard from upon leaving her previous meeting at around midday; she rang Sarah from the car to confirm the time and location of the meeting and state she was on her way. At around 1pm she sent a text merely stating ‘traffic’ then, an ominous silence.

Just as it seemed all hope was lost, and the meeting would have to go on without her in case subsequent appointments were marginally affected, Sarah caught a glimpse of a sleek, brunette ponytail in the car park. ‘I thought I must have been imagining it’ she explained ‘I was so desperate for Josie to arrive!’ But it was not imagination, miraculously, having battled through traffic and road works in Bracknell and Bagshot, Josie arrived safely at the meeting just 30 minutes later than scheduled; before a single item on the agenda had been discussed. Incredibly, save a slight sweat from being stationary in a hot 4×4 for 30 minutes, Carlton showed no lasting signs of her ordeal.

‘We were so relieved that both Josie and Sarah were able to attend the meeting’ explained Anna Carey, spokesperson at BPTI and host of the meeting in question ‘it really wouldn’t have been the same without her and we’re very glad all turned out well!’

Inside sources say the meeting was able to go ahead with little disruption and Josie successfully made it to her next appointment without incident. The team are working together to get past this traumatic turn of events, and measures are being put in place to ensure nothing of its type happens again.

*names have been changed to protect identities


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