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5 favourite nursery rhymes:

How many nursery rhymes do you know? I can almost guarantee that it’s a bigger number than you expect! Spending time with anyone small will, one day, jog some sleepy synapse into providing you with the lyrics to Old King Cole, Little Miss Moffet and The Grand Old Duke of York like you learned it yesterday.

Here are my five favourite nursery rhymes, in no particular order:

1. Two little dickie birds – I like songs which are interactive and give both parent and child something to do – this one is as simple as holding up your index finger on both hands to be the dickie birds (Peter and Paul), flying away, then flying back, but it’s fun!
2. This is the way the ladies ride – another interactive one, which I LOVED as a kid, being thrown around on someone’s knee before the inevitable ‘dooooown into a ditch’ of the tractor; great fun! I’m a bit big for that part these days but this one is just as much fun for the grown up – if a little tedious after the 15th time!
3. The Grand Old Duke of York – good for a proper sing-a-long!
4. Round and round the garden – both equal parts loved and hated…that build-up of apprehension when you know the tickley bit is coming, ahhhh!
5. Diddle diddle dumpling – for some reason the idea of someone going to bed with their trousers on was hilarious to mini-me. Now I just assume he must have frequented the local tavern first!

What are/were your favourite nursery rhymes? Do you think you remember all the words now?


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  1. Hi Kt, I entertained some Asian kids on the train with round and round the garden. This went down quite well. Then i tried this little piggy, the Asian lady said, We don’t sing that, ops Muslims!!!!! See you Monday at Alans yippee xxx

    Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 12:24:34 +0000 To:

  2. I love the Grand old Duke of York! Some good choices here. Strangely enough, I was laughing at how random Diddle diddle dumpling is when I came across it!

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