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Is the news too negative?

A few months ago the Guardian suggested that giving up the news will make you happier; with so much negativity, hyperbole and drama thrown in our faces every day it’s easy to view the world as an awful place, and worse than that, an awful place where you, as just one person, can do nothing to help.

But at the end of the day, there must be a reason the news is always on such a downer, and the reason (call me cynical) is money. Bad news sells, just like gossip spreads. You’re far more likely to hear people discussing negative news than good, it appears to be human nature to take an interest in the bad things happening, apparently it’s due to the hunter-gatherer environment our brains are wired for, in which anything dramatic or out of the ordinary had to be focused on as it was the difference between life and death. We’re evolving way too slowly if you ask me.

Another reason the news may seem more negative than necessary is that most of us now interact with the national and international press rather than our local newspapers. Were to pick up a copy of your local news you would see far more positive stories, stories of children’s sports days, weddings, fundraisers and success. Severely bad things don’t happen that often to individual people, therefore the smaller the pool from which we take our news the less likely it is there will be negative tales to report. However once you start looking at things on a grander scale then of course the number of negative things happening will go up considerably. It’s all statistics.

So, perhaps if you’re the type of person who considers the news too negative it’s time to switch to local news instead, or like me, avoid it completely. It seems to be working for Rolf Dobelli – maybe it’ll work for you!


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  1. Agreed, we seem to have come to a similar conclusion about local vs national news and it’s very true. I think it really is because local news want to share some local interest stories, many of which are happier and as you say, the numbers of people. It’s ridiculous that the only positive stories we seem to get in the media are ‘this person is the new Doctor Who’ and ‘this person had a baby’.


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