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Tell me a local news story…

A few days ago I made the case that local news was likely to offer more positivity than national news. Today Peg and I are writing about local news stories and sadly it is far from town crier material! The BBC Oxford homepage shouts of doom for businesses and tales of murder, sex offenders and animal cruelty.

But the top story today? It’s a goodun. The Oxford dictionary has a new word… Twerking.

Thanks to my daily injection of Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw on my drive to work I am aware of twerking. The breakfast show (which increasingly makes me feel like I should be listening to radio 2) ran a feature on it a few weeks ago in which various truck drivers and other burly men went on camera to display their skills at the move to the woman who made it big – Miley Cyrus.

And just in case this word making its Oxford debut wasn’t enough you may be interested to know it is not the only word to have been added to the famous pages! Other new additions include ‘selfie’, ‘dappy’, ‘girl crush’ and… most alarmingly, ‘vom’.

This is headline local news? Other than it being the Oxford dictionary, how is this in any way relevant to the town of Oxford and its people?

Sometimes our world is bizarre.


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  1. Very bizarre indeed. I often forget that the Oxford dictionary is in fact a nod to Oxford the city, so thanks for that snippet of a reminder. I don’t understand why selfie, vom or girl crush are needed to be entries into the dictionary? Selfie and vom are both shortened versions of actual words. Girl crush, well, maybe instead of allowing such a phrase into the dictionary, we should be looking at what the word means and accepting that, in actual fact, it’s okay to find someone of the same sex attractive. Boy crush doesn’t seem to be a thing? Hang on, has bromance made the dictionary yet?

    And a little random factoid for you, if you didn’t know, Miley Cyrus was actually born as Destiny Cyrus. A quick Google tells me that she was nicknamed Smiley, which shortened to Miley…and the rest is history. Perhaps further example of how things can be shortened and become something else entirely. Though still, vom? I hate it.


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