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Island time…Asian time…same same.

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Every day on this trip I’ve seen westerners getting stressed. It’s understandable at times, though always pointless. Case in point. Today I was up and ready by 6.45 for my 7am bus to the Gili Islands. At 7.45 the bus showed up and we began our journey. After 15 minutes we pulled over whilst the driver made a phone call. 10 minutes later he took another call and we were on our way. Half an hour later we reach a harbour, but are told not to debark. Half an hour later again we’re back in Kuta and asked to change buses. An hour and a half after this we reach another port where we all get off and are told to wait. By this point a couple with me were tearing their hair out. Why oh why had we been up so early if our boat wasn’t till 11?! They’d have just taken a cab themselves and sorted it out etc etc. Honestly it’s best to just go with it. Sure, with a 7am start I expected to already have my feet in warm white sands and preferably be drinking rum out of some sort of coconut…but you’re on island time now, and Asian island time at that. No one here is stressed, and you stressing isn’t going to get you there any faster. Be flexible with plans, keep expectations low and go with the flow.

To put things in perspective, you could be at the office! 

We did eventually get our boat, and to everyone’s relief it was a real boat which looked up to the journey. Sometime later (maybe one hour…maybe three), after a salty, wind swept journey including a spot of dolphin watching, we reached our destination.   

  15 minutes later I had booked a boat to a neighbouring island. 

Gili T is crowded, loud (in the 70’s way) and noisy – filled with people yelling, horse drawn carts running back and forth (there are no cars here) and hundreds of people. Not for me. I want relaxation, tranquility and peace.  

 So I’m just enjoying a quick watermelon shake before my next boat. 

To be continued…


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