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Here we go again, again :)

Time for another European adventure! This time the first stop was Geneva, for a catch up with my favourite French-American family. The ever generous (and way too good for me) DF was a gem and offered to drive me to the airport, so a 4am bus became a 5.30 car ride; then a quick hop skip and a jump later and I was watching Tricia steer Tristan’s buggy single handed whilst holding Alex in the other (serious skills) through the crowds at Geneva airport. Always amaZes me how soon you can be somewhere completely different. Alex is getting really big now, but still gazes at me like I have three heads for the first half hour. I wonder if he will always be a bit like Gwyn, slightly cautious at the start of each meeting before the fun can start! Tristan on the other hand was an instant friend, offering a smile within moments. They’re such a cute little family, love that they’re just on the doorstep really rather than the other side of the pond! A stroll through a beautiful autumn park later and we were greeted by a smiling David for some delicious wine and traditional fondue. So. Much. Cheese! 
An hour or so later and David had to run back to the office, so T and I strolled around Geneva for a while before picking up my fave macarons (Thanks T!!) and driving to their house on the hill. The mountains look amazing at the moment, all autumnal and shining. There was a pink sunset too so I felt very lucky! It’s so lovely to have friends with whom you can just sit and chat, or cook, or just do nothing and still have the best of days. Next time I’ll have to come for longer as before we knew it it was gone 10pm and Mel was down in Etaux waiting for me. The UG’s were on their way to Geneva for the real weekend to begin!! 

The journey to and from the airport was quick and uneventful, and in the dark there wasn’t much to see. Mel is a natural at driving on the wrong side of the roads though, and navigating the crazy French/Swiss traffic!! Watching the Alps loom beside us, lit up by a supermoon and a million stars was pretty special though, as we climbed up and up and up past quaint little towns, huge industrial estates and a billion trees until eventually about 2 hours later we were in the alpine town Mel calls home. It’s Pids first ever trip to France (and Switzerland) so that was the cause for many jokes. “I’ve been to Oslo!” She said proudly “Where’s that then Pid?” Asks Jen… “I dunno, isn’t it the capital of Moscow?”…brilliant! Between those gems, and Char’s intimate knowledge of France and French…(“jambon is legs…”, “no it isn’t!”) we had a good trip.

 Our chalet is luxury to say the least, with a spacious kitchen, generous sofa, sauna and hot tub! The rooms were all decorated in the reds, greys and creams I always associate with mountain chalets, with wooden surroundings and carved hearts everywhere. I particularly liked the tobogganers on the lights! Cute!! It was about 2am at this point so everyone claimed a room and we were off to bed.



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