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About moi and my blogging

Welcome to my blog!

Having already tried keeping a diary (I’m usually pretty good), a scrapbook (hint, don’t make it all about your relationship!) and various other memory boxes I thought I’d give bloggin a go. It seemed to be the done thing for 2011 and I’ve actually very much enjoyed it.

Sometimes I blog for me, sometimes I attempt challenges such as Three Things February or Blogathons with other writers.

I love to hear your thoughts and read your comments so please feel free to leave some! If you have a blog too why not send me a link?

I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚



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  1. Hi katy ~ hope you get this. I am somewhat confused. I just went onto the web to see if i could find out anything about my cousin colin forrester. I remember very well that he was in the raf and was the navigator in a vulcan bomber that flew over kilimanjaro. I also have a vague recollection of him and the crew being on the television in black and white when i was quite young. I looked at the photo on your page and picked him out straight away. The confusion arises because as far as our family is aware he had no children! This is eally very strange!!! Is your grandfather still living? Where was he from? I would appreciate any info you can provide. Regards.

  2. Hi katy. Ok confusion over. I am guessing you are barbara’s grandaughter? Colin and I are cousins. Email me at rosebudten.googlemail and i will tell you more.

    • Hi Rose, I’ve tried to email you and it has bounced! Could you email me on Lilmisskaty87 at I’m visiting my nan and out for dinner with cousins this evening and we’re all very intrigued!

  3. Hello! Great blog!
    I love the idea of three things! Pop in and say hi x

    • Hey!! I’m on the email list for your blog actually, have been enjoying it! Promise to leave a comment or two next time πŸ™‚ Glad you like the three things feb idea! Was Sarah Rooftops originally, she’s full of fab ideas!

  4. You might want to update this. Doubt you are still planning on going to teach overseas?! Gave that one up eh?

  5. Hi Katy

    Thanks for sharing your experiences from CoW. Even though it wasn’t your thing, I’m really glad to have read your words. It’s hearing stories like yours that makes it all worthwhile – even if we don’t hook players on larp in general, it’s nice to know they leave with memorable experiences.

    So thanks for sharing!

    -Claus from the CoW team

    • Hey Claus, honestly so full of respect for what you’ve created and how blooming dedicated both the team behind it and all the players are! I spent many weeks beforehand and the whole time there in awe. Congrats on an epic job well pulled off!!


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