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Bucket List

I’ve always liked the idea of a ‘list of things to do in life’. Over the years I’ve written countless drafts in the back of notebooks and diaries, and honestly, EVERY time I wrote it down I lost it. Filofaxs, notebooks, bits of paper, a file on my computer…something always happened. On a rainy Saturday in 2011 I sat and wrote the latest Bucket List only to realise the following Tuesday that the journal I wrote it in was missing. You couldn’t make this stuff up!! I did find the journal (down the side of the bed in my friends house…of course!), but it made me realise something more reliable was required, and so uploaded this to here in the hope that it would see the end of Bucket List loss once and for all, and not *touch wood* the end of my blog!

To do:

  1. Witness the midnight sun
  2. Walk the Tibetan bridge
  3. Swim in the Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives
  4. Go on safari
  5. Take a calligraphy course
  6. Be thrown a surprise party
  7. Fly in a sea plane
  8. Ride the Maid of the Mist
  9. Trek through the Amazon and kayak the river
  10. Have my picture taken by the sign in Katy, Texas
  11. Ride a horse along a beach
  12. Snorkel the cenotes in Cancun
  13. Own a house with a cwtch
  14. Hold a conversation in another language
  15. Stand on Maho beach as a plane lands (St Martins, Caribbean)
  16. Get messy at La Tomatina
  17. Learn to sail
  18. Stay at the Ice Hotel
  19. Walk a good length of Hadrian’s wall
  20. Go to an airport and take the first affordable flight out of the UK
  21. Fly first class
  22. Ride a zip wire into water
  23. Go to Rio while the carnival is on. See Christ the Redeemer. 
  24. Always have visited at least as many countries as years I have lived (Philippines 2017 makes 30/30!)
  25. Compete in a 10k run
  26. See a Broadway musical
  27. Visit Giants Causeway
  28. Cruise the Nile and see the Great Pyramids
  29. Visit Kalamazoo
  30. Swim with a manatee
  31. Learn all the words to ‘La Mer’, in French
  32. Own a Papasan chair
  33. See Alice in Wonderland in Central Park
  34. Go to the Gloucester cheese rolling festival
  35. Go white water rafting
  36. Party at the Day of the Dead in Mexico
  37. Make a quilt
  38. Be part of a flashmob
  39. Parasail
  40. Visit Pompeii
  41. Wear coloured contacts and see if anyone notices
  42. Visit Northumberland National Park and star gaze
  43. See a whale in the wild
  44. Make homemade pasta
  45. Visit Vancouver and Banff
  46. Organise a huge summer sports/games day for my friends
  47. Have a proper vegetable garden…
  48. …and a nice flower garden too!
  49. Send a message in a bottle or balloon and see where it ends up
  50. Play messy twister
  51. Float in the dead sea
  52. Volunteer in another country
  53. Stand atop of Table Mountain
  54. Visit all the countries in Europe (18/50 far! Andorra, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Vatican City, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria)
  55. Do the Colour Run
  56. Drive route 66
  57. Try dog sledding
  58. Go to a drive in movie
  59. See Uluru
  60. Explore the Taj Mahal
  61. Stand on the equator
  62. See an African elephant
  63. Hand make all my Christmas presents

I will be adding to this as new ideas and desires come along so watch this space!


  1. Holi Festival of Colour (7 March 2004, Goa)
  2. Visit Rome (crazy trip with Amanda, 2005)
  3. Be a Camp America counsellor (Summer 2007, New York)
  4. New York, New York! (First time Summer 2007)
  5. Go to a festival (First one Summer 2007, with Amy)
  6. Jump off a waterfall (2008, Morocco with Luke, Aimee and the gang)
  7. Get a degree (November 2008)
  8. Full moon paaaarraaaaty (First one 2009 with Iain and Jen)
  9. Try a proper Irish Guinness (Dublin, March 2010)
  10. Kayak on the sea (July 2010, Croatia)
  11. Go to Glastonbury (2010/2011/2013/2014/2015/2016)
  12. Visit York (March 2011 with Nan and Steve)
  13. Drive the crazy spagetti junction (26th November 2011 with Laura, Alex and Steve)
  14. Climb the AC watchtower (1st March 2012 with CB and R2)
  15. Create/bury a time capsule (March 2012 – opening 2017!)
  16. Go up in a hot air balloon (March 2012 with CB in Bristol)
  17. Stay up all night in Las Vegas  (March 2012 – 6am counts right?)
  18. See the Grand Canyon (March 2012 with Omelia)
  19. Travel by helicopter (March 2012, Grand Canyon)
  20. Drive across a US state (California, March 2012)
  21. Cross the international date line (27th March 2012)
  22. Skydive (April 2012, Wollongong)
  23. Go on the Neighbours tour (April 2012)
  24. Hang out with an elephant (April/May 2012 Baanchang with CB. Banwah <3)
  25. Teach English as a foreign language (May/June 2012 – and that was quite enough!)
  26. See the Harry Potter tribute at Kings Cross (January 2013 with Big G)
  27. Take a pottery class (March 2013, birthday treats with housemates, Emma & Ben)
  28. Visit Chatsworth House (April 2013 with the lovely Maggie and Louise)
  29. Visit the Peak District (April 2013, also with Maggie and Louise)
  30. Visit 6 out of 7 continents (South America makes 6! May 2013)
  31. Pay it forward (Peru 2013)
  32. Walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (May 2013 with Iain)
  33. Paraglide (May 2013 with Iain)
  34. Adopt an endangered animal (July 2013, Elephant, polar bear and turtle with WWF)
  35. See a play at the Globe (First time 7th September 2013, A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Joe)
  36. Get a tattoo (February 2014)
  37. Own a firepit (Marshmallows galore, summer 2014)
  38. Celebrate Canada day (July 2014, AC)
  39. HUGE paint fight (2nd August 2014, HoliOne Festival with Joe, Fran and Kathryn)
  40. Witness a proposal (2 August 2014, HoliOne Festival, London)
  41. Plant a tree (3 August 2014, Japanese Maple at 44 Benson Road)
  42. Try glassblowing (October 2014 with Mum, Jen and Becke at The Glass Hub)
  43. Take an astronomy course (October-December 2014, Oxford with Kathryn)
  44. See the Aurora Borealis (December 2014, Iceland with Mandz–20 years of madness!)
  45. Take a dip in some natural hot springs (December 2014 with Mandz)
  46. Visit Loch Lomond (March 2015)
  47. Explore Tintagel in Cornwall (April 2015 with Iain, Jen, Anja, Chou etc)
  48. Explore Angkor Wat (July 2015 with Dad)
  49. Swim with sea turtles (July 2015, Gili Meno)
  50. Really explore Singapore airport (July 2015)
  51. Visit the Lake District (August 2015 for the Morison wedding)
  52. Go on a girls holiday (October 2015, Milan with the Aussies)
  53. Ride an old car around Havana (November 2015 with Iain, Jen, Fryer and Matt)
  54. Visit Budapest (27/04/16 with Luci)
  55. Travel to Poland and visit Auschwitz (26/04/16)
  56. Run around Salzburg like I’m in the Sound of Music (27/10/16)
  57. Look through a really big telescope (02/09/16 – London)
  58. Visit Snowdonia and Bounce Below – March 2017 for my 30th
  59. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle – September 2017 with Tricia and David
  60. Party at an American Halloween – 2017 Yay for American nieces!
  61. Climb a lighthouse – Cape Otway on the Great Ocean Road November 2017
  62. Spend Christmas and/or New Year abroad (Philippines 2017)
  63. Walk or cycle along the Great Wall of China (Christmas 2017)
  64. Learn to scuba dive (PADI in Philippines 2017)

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  2. Good list, made me realise how many of those things I’ve actually done myself and gave me some sense of accomplishment.

    Hope you manage to experience them all!

  3. Can you cross off number VII now?

  4. You have just over two weeks and the possibility to cross off many on your list. Pack a bag and #’s 2, 28 or 32, 68 AND 57 could be accomplished. I have just over two weeks to grow a beard (plenty of time) for #40. LOL

    • Haha sadly at the moment the first ‘affordable’ flight wouldn’t get me to Cardiff, let alone first class!! American Halloween is all planned out though, bring on 2013!!!

  5. *grabs pen and circles date on calendar*


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