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Salsa, shopping and games of speed! (15)

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Saturday was pretty much all smiles 🙂 We went shopping to a huge market, a few malls and then to the cinema. There was free ice tea too! But I guess if I had to pick one happy moment it’d be getting back here late last night, kooky on chocolate milk and watching Manasi salsa to that song from American Beauty…

‘I’m salsaing! Hello wall! You can salsa to anything when you have an ass….’.

I have no idea what was in the milk but we were up till 4.30…We played cards for about 3 hours; games I haven’t played since college like Speed and S***head!!

Oh and MIB3 was pretty good too… 😀


Friday smiles! (14)

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Today’s smile is 150,000% dedicated to my family. They were off work and school enjoying the sun in the garden so when I got home last night I had a proper catch up with my mum, big sister and two youngest nephews. It’s been months since I’ve seen most of them and they’re just so silly! From N3 popping his head up and down like he was on a spring to hearing about N2’s homemade fishing rod and plans for my sisters wedding, it was a really good to just spend some time with them, allbeit from 8000 miles away.

‘Why aren’t youuuuu at school Teacher Katy??’ ‘Umm because it’s 10pm??’ ‘Ah…ok then!’

I have the best family ever, left me with a huge grin on my face!

Unlucky for some…

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It’s the 13th smile day!

It didn’t start off great, I was short tempered and the kids were NOT cooperating. Then I ate something dodgy at lunch and spent the next 4 hours running to the bathroom, which was fun! But by 5 I felt so much better so decided not to cancel my evening plans and still go out! A friend I met travelling is staying at the moment so her, Keely and I headed to Sukhumvit for ‘the best street food in Bangkok’ (was good, but not THAT good! Though the mango and sticky rice was divine!) followed by a rooftop bar for free gin. Gotta love a ladies night!

And now it’s Friday, woo weekend!! Gotta go to work xx

100 smiles – day 12

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So today I took charge a little more with some of the lessons. The kids are always really asleep in the morning so I got them up out of their seats doing stretches and playing silly games. It certainly woke them up! In fact it was such a success that we did it for most of the classes during the day, just to get them to use a little energy so they were ready to sit and concentrate for a while! Then Loriel took them through about 40 minutes of reviewing the previous years work before I got to play more games, this time testing their understanding of what we’d done in class. It’s really easy to lose the attention of the class when they’re this young, activities and work needs to be kept short and fun or else they’ll be off chatting and you’ll never get them back. Being silly and playing games is the kind of teacher I want to be, it was fun to try a little of that today!

Then this evening there was skype time, always guaranteed to put a smile on my face!

Double smiles

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So maybe I wrote my smile a little early today, because this evening completely eclipsed this morning.

Today was the Leavers Ceremony at UWC Atlantic College. Some of you might remember my blog about last years ceremony, but even then I don’t think I managed to convey how magical this day is. This year the ceremony was broadcast live on the internet, so even though I am literally thousands of miles away I was able to see familiar faces and listen to the amazing students give speeches like professionals, sing like superstars and generally be the incredible people that attend they all are.

There were awards, songs, speeches and goodbyes. Lots of clapping and cheering, some well deserved standing ovations and a lot of laughs. As I type this the first years will be lining the moat path as the second years gather in the courtyard for their lap of honor. I’m so glad the sun is shining for you all, I hope you have had the best end to the best years you could have had.

I”d like to say thank you to the organisers for allowing so many people around the world to share in this day. Thank you for my mention, it really made me smile, but only a little bit, I was already smiling so much that any more and my face would have cracked! You’re all brilliant and very much missed.

Keep being awesome. Much love xx

Smile 9, 10, 11

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Sunday smiles

Created some lesson material for my first week of proper lessons. Not entirely sure what I’m doing but I managed to set homework!

Monday smiles

Monday is one of my early finish days, was good to be out of school before last period.

Tuesday smiles

Trying to wean myself off checking my phone in the middle of the night as I need to live on Thai time not UK time, but this morning they made me smile. Sometimes it’s good knowing people are only at arms reach.

Smile 8 – Try something new!

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So today was a day for new things; exploring new places, meeting new people, seeing new movies and new modes of transport! I took my first motorbike taxi! It was a little alarming when my driver donned his helmet and left me without one, but I really enjoyed zipping through the traffic. I really like travelling by motorbike/scooter, just wish I was brave enough to drive one myself! Though maybe not in Bangkok!

28 smiling students!

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I had 5 lessons today, in each one we split the girls into the two classes they will sit in for the rest of the year. I think I’m almost deaf from all the cheering when group A discovered they were with me. The others will soon learn their teacher is a sweetie and not the mean Thai teacher they think he is (don’t judge a book by its cover girls!) but for now I’ll take 28 happy smiling faces in my class, and hope they don’t turn out to be little devils!

100 smiles – day 6

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Have I been doing this almost a week already!? Oh boy!! I figured I should start counting or else I’m going to get very confused very quickly!

Soooo….what made me smile today? Well, nothing much has made me frown…not seeing the student who told me to die the other day…not a whole day of walking girls upstairs to sign for their books, not the nun looking most unimpressed at my girls practicing deportment with their books on their heads (again!) or the fact that it didn’t stop raining ALL DAY or forgetting to put my tongue bar back in after work and having to go by a new one…nope, these things I approached with my usual can do attitude which seems to have returned. But what made me smile?

As I was  walking to my first class after lunch I was joined by a homeroom teacher named Wha. She’s friends with Loriel and really friendly! After the usual hello small talk she asked if I spoke Thai, to which I replied ‘nit-noi’ (a little). ‘Are you wanting to learn?’ *nod* ‘Then I shall teach you! From now on I will speak Thai to you, so you learn’. That really made me smile! I’ve been hoping an offer like this would come along and am really excited. So much so that tonight I’m doing homework, so next time I see her I can have a basic conversation!

Also, I found something for my youngest nephew…



…can’t wait to (virtually) see his face when he opens this parcel!

Pretty good day really 🙂

Smile 5 – Silliness

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I feel like a few of my future smiles are going to come from my students, but maybe today is the first.

Every week I see each of my eight classes three times. This week the first time is for introductions and making name tags, the second is for collecting their books and the third for discussing the rules of the class and splitting the girls between my co-teacher and myself. Yesterday I had one lot of monkeys for the second time and they had SO much energy! We had to march them upstairs (Left, left, left right left), line them up in the heat to sign for their books, (the school is very open, so no air con in the corridors) which is tough going for the best of people let alone kids who can’t keep still! Then head back down. We played Simon Says and some other games and then walked back to class with our books on our heads. It was funny! Thankfully they thought so too! Silliness!