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Three things – 29th February

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A whole extra day of happy thoughts and then fini, goodbye February, hello March, the month of things happening, eek!!!

Three happy thoughts for yesterday are:

  1. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! So lovely to be able to sit outside in the sunshine at lunch with a coffee again and just soak up the sun. You don’t realise how much you miss natural warmth I think. Yay for Spring time, it’s on the way!!
  2. R Crew, Ed and I went out for dinner in Cardiff followed by a trip to see The Muppets (again). I was so sleepy it was hard to stay awake at some points in the nice warm comfy cinema but I made it!
  3. The third one is always the hardest! Can’t decide between finishing the alphathon (achievement!), finding something for my friend in Thailand (only had to go to 4 different asdas!) or my nephew having a job interview. All these made me smile and hey, as it’s the last day I’m having them all!

Job done 🙂

Three things – 28th February

  1. I figured there aren’t going to be many opportunities for long soaks in the bath in the next few weeks so I went for it! Am reading a new book at the moment called The Secret History and after an hour in the bath I only just about made it to chapter 2 (long chapters!!). A very relaxing start!
  2. CB has new neighbours and last night one came over and brought his guitar. The only thing better than having a yummy boy sing and play his guitar for you? TWO boys doing the same thing! We had a really good evening ‘jamming’ and singing the likes of Ray Lamontagne, Adele, Paulo, Oasis and a few more I didn’t recoginise. Turn’s out Tom’s a really amazing singer and the pair of them worked really well together. I was in a very happy place indeed!
  3. It was the start of my handover to the new me at work. Do you ever get the feeling someone is just ‘right’ for the role? I really feel like Michelle is going to fit in here better than I ever did. She’s going to do really well, I feel like I’m leaving everything in very capable hands, which is always good.

Three things – 27th February

1. Stories! Lunchtime chat was pretty much swapping tales of hilarity from the weekend. Made me smile a lot.
2. New books! Went to visit the AC library today, I often pop up there for a coffee and a chat (yup, working hard!) but today I actually came away with books, three of them! Best get reading!
3. Spent the evening watching Hook, eating pizza and swapping favourite poems, songs, jokes and stories. (‘what do you call those things which hold up telephone wires? A pylon? *jump*’ ‘it was like a boxer dog, you know?’ ‘like one that fights other dogs?’ ‘no….’). Lots of giggles!

Three things – 26th February

1. Maybe I’m weird but I was woken up in the middle of the night by a phone call and it has made me smile all day.
2. Spent some time sorting my life out today, travel insurance, informing people I’m leaving, that kind of thing. Couldn’t get half the stuff I wanted to do done for one reason or another but when you add the bit that I have done to the fact that I’m pretty much packed I can think about leaving without having palpitations for once.
3. Spent some time with my family. I’ve been told countless times recently to enjoy it while I can, so today I did. (Yeah yeah Padawan, you were right. Don’t get too cosy, it’s probably a one off!)

Three things – 25th February

All of my happy thoughts today come from the people who spent it with me. It was my official goodbye party from Atlantic College and I spent it watching Rugby in the Welsh capital with some amazing friends. Wales v England is the one game of the 6 Nations I can’t lose (being hanner a half) so the score was never a big deal, but it’s always good to be in the winning country at least!! I’m sincerely touched by the number of people who turned up to drink, dance and cheer with me. Rachel, Nat, Ged, Simon and of course R Crew, you’ll be missed, a lot. Thanks for an awesome send off xx

Three things – 24th February

1. I just wasn’t hungry at lunch so I worked right on through and got to finish at 4 which was great!
2. I spent my extra hour or so chilling at a mates house. Ever feel like someone’s really enjoying your company? Was like that. Nice to be appreciated.
3. Went for a night at the pub with some work people; Rachel, Robbie, R2 (forever now known as R Crew!) and R2s girlfriend Annette who’s down for the weekend. It was really fun catching the bus to my fave pub then walking back through the lanes to the local and then home. The Plough does amazing food and my fave cider (Firey Fox!) while the Shoes (more local) has dominoes, jenga and quiz books published in the 50’s (!) which provide all sorts of amusement. All in all it was a jolly evening!

Three things – 23rd February

1. Brownies!!! Haven’t baked in forever and they turned out deliciously. It’s the Mars Bar topping, can’t beat it.
2. Cuddles on the sofa. All be they sarcastic ones! ‘Be gone from me…’ ‘Is that reverse psychology?’ ‘Maybe’. What does that mean?!?
3. A walk along the cliffs with the boys. Am going to miss these two.

Three things – 22nd February

  1. Started the day in my favourite place
  2. Belated Pancake Day went off without a hitch. I made peanut butter and maple syrup ones and a chilli chocolate batch too. It was agreed by all that the pb&m ones were the best, but the experimental chocolate ones were yummy too!! Which is good for a non recipe experiment! Would make them again, just trying to think of a suitable sauce, maybe marshmallow?
  3. ‘I like you a little bit’
    ‘And I’m impartial to you’
    Who knew not saying things could be so romantic.

Three things – 21st February

Finally a day where it’s hard to narrow the awesomeness down to three!

  1. Had a really nice last morning with Nan, just kind of pootling about Grimsby. Sometimes you don’t need to do much to enjoy someone’s company.
  2. Popped into the SU on my way back from up north! Got to see some of the old gang, catch up on the goss and say goodbye before my travels.
  3. Saying hello turned into going out for dinner! Was really good to catch up with the old gang over burgers and Oreo milkshake!

Three things – 20th February

  1. For some reason I’ve decided to add learning ‘La Mer’ in French to my bucket list. Made a start on this today, bought a good version on iTunes and found the lyrics!
  2. Had a good day with my Nan, just doing normal things. We went shopping for a friend who’s just had a baby, did some baking and fiddled around on the internet, it was fun.
  3. Went out for dinner tonight with June and Barry, my cousins. Had a great time chatting about their life abroad. Apparently June also taught English so it was great fun to hear her stories! The food was DELISH too! Can’t beat it.