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Three things – 19th February

  1. Yummy breakfast with the fam, can’t beat a full English and banter with the nephew!
  2. I popped into Rugby to see Laura and Alex today, haven’t seen them in forever so a catch up was long overdue! Also they’re moving at the end of the week, glad I got to climb those ridiculously steep stairs one last time. They do make me giggle! Also I got my Twisto Circle Journal back, huzzah!
  3. Got to Grimsby in one piece, and in that way which only grandparents housesย can do I found some treasure within half an hour of walking in the door! See my previous post for more info ๐Ÿ™‚

Three things – 18th February

  1. Success!! That quest I mentioned the other day? It is complete!! Conclusion positive, all is well!
  2. Really fun filled day with N1 and N2 at Heatherton. There was clay pigeon shooting, archery (apparently I’m quite good!), crazy golf and bumper boats. Both the boys seemed to enjoy the day too, plus we avoided the rain, what more can you ask?
  3. I popped in to see my Great Aunt on the way home, it was a really brief visit as I had N1 with me (even after being forced to leave his phone in the car he still insisted on slouching on the sofa like he was asking for an asbo) but it is always lovely to spend time with Mima. She’s such a star!

Three things – 17th February

  1. I completed two sections of my TEFL course. That’s 3 down, 1 to go! Need to get my skates on.
  2. Had a really fun day with N1 ๐Ÿ™‚ We went shopping, visited my sister and N3 for a bit then came home to play Risk (awful game) and Monopoly City (I lost!). He makes me laugh so much, really fun guy to spend time with!
  3. Bought myself a new toy, a Nikon Coolpix to take travelling. I love my Canon DLSR but it’s a bit hefty to take everywhere with me, this little thing is perfect for random trips and nights out. Plus it’s red, pretty!

Three things – 16th February

1. Planning fun things! I’m off work till Wednesday and planning lots of fun things, looking forward to it.
2. Family night – played pictionary with mum, col and n1. It came down to an all play, I was drawing, it was tense…but we won! Woooooo!
3. Had yummy cookies in the office, delish!

Three things – 15th February

1. I think, tonight I may have finally succeeded in a quest which has taken me many moons. Don’t count your chickens and all that but fingers crossed we’re on the right path at least!
2. Crafty times! I spent the evening decorating my pages for Jillys Twisto Circle Journal. I think this is the last one I have to do, it’s been fun ๐Ÿ™‚
3. I really didn’t want to come back here tonight, having not driven it for ages I was dreading the commute. But in the end it took less than an hour and I had a really lovely night chilling with N1 watching Rat Race.

Three things – 14th February

  1. I found a really special Valentines day present this year, and it went down a treat, so that was good!
  2. I finished at half 4 after taking a short lunch, sometimes it’s nice to get out a little bit early.
  3. We went to see the Muppets last night! It’s a really nice, feel good family film. There’s a scene where the chickens do their own rendition of ‘Forget you’…hilarious! Certainly worth a watch!

Three things – 13th February

  1. I got to listen to the radio this morning as I was commuting for the first time in forever. I quite enjoy the Chris Moyles show so that was nice.
  2. I went to assembly this morning, it’s so inspiring sometimes! Today there was a comedy montage to say thank you to the exiting Chair and Vice Chair of student council, a Harry Potter flash mob, the Japanese national anthem and various other bits. The students here are so passionate, but not only that they put ideas into practice. Once again I found myself wishing I had studied here.
  3. Been feeling oddly poorly off and on all day, so the planned evening (Muppets and sushi) didn’t occur. But the alternative (Phantom of the Opera with a ham and cheese toastie) was just what I needed after a busy weekend. Feeling much better now ๐Ÿ™‚

Three things – 12th February

  1. Skype times!! This morning the girls and I skyped our old flatmate Steph who’s in Sydney. It was so nice for the 5 of us to be together again, allbeit sort of virtually. We had a real giggle and mucked around with the webcam settings, silly faces and scenes galore. Good start to the day.
  2. Afternoon tea – The girls and I went to the Secret Tea Room in Soho for tea. There were mismatched chairs. chintzy cups and saucers and three tier platey things, a whole host of different teas, scones, finger sandwiches and cakes. We had cream tea and civilised conversation (sort of) while listening to charleston music…what a place!
  3. After tea I went to meet some other old friends in the Porcupine pub in Leicester Square. While Wales slaughtering Scotland was a huge distraction (wasn’t really supposed to be watching, but who could resist?!) it was lovely to catch up with Sanj and Ro, both of whom I havent seen in a year or more.

All in all a really good day!

Three things – 11th February

  1. No work!! While I didn’t have any more of a lie in than usual and left at pretty much the same time there’s something nice about knowing you don’t *have* to be anywhere!
  2. Roooooad trip! Mellybon and I scooted it up to London, been a while since I’ve travelled with that lady. Plaaaane!
  3. A proper girlie weekend. Cocktails in wimbledon? I think so!!!


Three things – 10th February

  1. I woke up with pretty good hair today. Most days it requires some sort of attention so I appreciate when I don’t have to do anything except run my fingers through it a few times. A brush would probably do a better job but meh, effort!
  2. Had a chat with a good friend today, haven’t spoken to them much recently so it was nice to catch up.
  3. Today was interview day for the new AC me. They interviewed three candidates and for me one stood out by far. Usually decision is made far outside our office, we don’t get much say at all, but today the panel were torn between two candidates so we were asked our opinions. After a really difficult discussion and decision time my fave was offered the job! It’s odd that I care so much as I’m the only one who won’t be working with her, but I’m so very glad she accepted the offer!!