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Three things – 22nd February

  1. Started the day in my favourite place
  2. Belated Pancake Day went off without a hitch. I made peanut butter and maple syrup ones and a chilli chocolate batch too. It was agreed by all that the pb&m ones were the best, but the experimental chocolate ones were yummy too!! Which is good for a non recipe experiment! Would make them again, just trying to think of a suitable sauce, maybe marshmallow?
  3. ‘I like you a little bit’
    ‘And I’m impartial to you’
    Who knew not saying things could be so romantic.

Three things – 21st February

Finally a day where it’s hard to narrow the awesomeness down to three!

  1. Had a really nice last morning with Nan, just kind of pootling about Grimsby. Sometimes you don’t need to do much to enjoy someone’s company.
  2. Popped into the SU on my way back from up north! Got to see some of the old gang, catch up on the goss and say goodbye before my travels.
  3. Saying hello turned into going out for dinner! Was really good to catch up with the old gang over burgers and Oreo milkshake!

Three things – 20th February

  1. For some reason I’ve decided to add learning ‘La Mer’ in French to my bucket list. Made a start on this today, bought a good version on iTunes and found the lyrics!
  2. Had a good day with my Nan, just doing normal things. We went shopping for a friend who’s just had a baby, did some baking and fiddled around on the internet, it was fun.
  3. Went out for dinner tonight with June and Barry, my cousins. Had a great time chatting about their life abroad. Apparently June also taught English so it was great fun to hear her stories! The food was DELISH too! Can’t beat it.

Three things – 19th February

  1. Yummy breakfast with the fam, can’t beat a full English and banter with the nephew!
  2. I popped into Rugby to see Laura and Alex today, haven’t seen them in forever so a catch up was long overdue! Also they’re moving at the end of the week, glad I got to climb those ridiculously steep stairs one last time. They do make me giggle! Also I got my Twisto Circle Journal back, huzzah!
  3. Got to Grimsby in one piece, and in that way which only grandparents houses can do I found some treasure within half an hour of walking in the door! See my previous post for more info 🙂

Three things – 18th February

  1. Success!! That quest I mentioned the other day? It is complete!! Conclusion positive, all is well!
  2. Really fun filled day with N1 and N2 at Heatherton. There was clay pigeon shooting, archery (apparently I’m quite good!), crazy golf and bumper boats. Both the boys seemed to enjoy the day too, plus we avoided the rain, what more can you ask?
  3. I popped in to see my Great Aunt on the way home, it was a really brief visit as I had N1 with me (even after being forced to leave his phone in the car he still insisted on slouching on the sofa like he was asking for an asbo) but it is always lovely to spend time with Mima. She’s such a star!

Three things – 17th February

  1. I completed two sections of my TEFL course. That’s 3 down, 1 to go! Need to get my skates on.
  2. Had a really fun day with N1 🙂 We went shopping, visited my sister and N3 for a bit then came home to play Risk (awful game) and Monopoly City (I lost!). He makes me laugh so much, really fun guy to spend time with!
  3. Bought myself a new toy, a Nikon Coolpix to take travelling. I love my Canon DLSR but it’s a bit hefty to take everywhere with me, this little thing is perfect for random trips and nights out. Plus it’s red, pretty!

Three things – 16th February

1. Planning fun things! I’m off work till Wednesday and planning lots of fun things, looking forward to it.
2. Family night – played pictionary with mum, col and n1. It came down to an all play, I was drawing, it was tense…but we won! Woooooo!
3. Had yummy cookies in the office, delish!