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5 people from history I would love to meet

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1. Henry 8th
2. Anne Boleyn
3. Princess Diana
4. William Shakespeare
5. Freddie Mercury

I reckon Di and Freddie would get on like a house on fire! 1&2 come as a pair really, but didn’t want to cheat! Would just love to meet them both individually and see what they were like as a pair!

Have you ever thought who would be at your celebrity dinner party?

A @gailhwilson inspired top 5….

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It didn’t take very long for me to run out of inspiration with this list business. However the world of social networking has provided the solution to any writers block…twitter! That being said, todays blog is courtesy of @gailhwilson, who requested my ‘top 5 celebrity crushes, (including at least one “shouldn’t but would”)’

So Duck Face…this one’s for you!

  1. Hugh Jackman
  2. Josh Holloway
  3. Jason Segal
  4. Dan Parks
  5. And my shouldn’t but would? Alan Rickman! Not as Snape though, those greasy locks just aren’t appreciated!

5 things I love to eat:

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1. Spanish pork and chorizo stew
2. Parma ham and halloumi with rocket salad
3. Mars bar brownies
4. My nans corn beef hash
5. My step dads chicken tikka

Yummy scrummy food!! What would your ‘last meal’ be?

Spanish Pork and Chorizo Stew

5 women I wish I could be:

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So often I get teased about my love for certain ladies, but I don’t care! I think we need to admire people; they give us something to aspire to! So today’s ‘5 things’ is my 5 fave women in the media. There are no politicians, scientists or activists in here as to be honest I don’t often see them on TV and feel a rush of ‘I want to be her!’ but these 5 make me feel that way regularly…

1. Julie Walters (She’s beautiful and funny)
2. Emma Thompson (just amazing)
3. Natalie Portman (Practically perfect in every way. Dedicated, hard working and stunning)
4. Meryl Streep (I love her!)
5. Alex Kingston (she’s SO sassy! Spoilers!)

Has to be said that Gemma Arterton came a very close 6! As did Amanda Redman. In fact if you look at the majority of my list there’s a very strong argument that what I want to be is middle aged, haha! Maybe not just yet, it’ll all come in its own time.

5 places I dream about when having a bad day:

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  1. Llansteffan castle and beach
  2. Sitting in a hammock in my dads garden on a sunny day
  3. My GORGEOUS raft house, Koh Sok National Park, Thailand
  4. Cookies bungalows, Koh Phangan, Thailand
  5. Oldbury Court, Bristol

Do you have a few little places in your memory bank which make you feel calm, relaxed and happy? Maybe it’s not the places exactly, but the time you had when you were there. For example Llansteffan Castle makes me think of being young(er), in love and playing around in ruins. Oldbury Court reminds me of sunny afternoons off work, chilling in a park with a good book and peace and quiet! My dads garden is the place I grew up, I remember the hammock stand being built, and soaking my brother with the hose while he sunbathed…haha!! These are the places and times which send a little secret smile to my face while I sit here in my chilly turret with the wind and rain billowing round the castle!!

Where are yours?

5 boys names I love

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  1. Jake
  2. Nathan
  3. Oscar
  4. Finley
  5. Oliver

In truth number 5 was actually Ben/Alex/Ben/Alex/Ben/Alex till someone reminded me about Oliver! Lol!! But there you have it 🙂

5 impossible things I want:

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You know sometimes when you watch movies and just *want* the things in them. I’m not talking about Sandra Bullocks body in Miss Congeniality or  cars from The Fast and The Furious, more things that just don’t exist in this life, like Transformers or Star Trek Transporters!

Here are my choices:

  1. ‘Limitless’ pills
  2. Harry Potters owl post
  3. A TARDIS to rival Doctor Who‘s
  4. The family from Parenthood (Siblings like best friends, would be amazing)
  5. Food rain ala ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’

It took me a while to select five. Honestly the first 4 sprung to mind instantly, then I thought about Mentalist mind skills, but surely Limitless pills would give me those? So perhaps a Transformer for a car…but with a Tardiss who would need that!? Harry Potter offered a lot of options, but I didn’t want to double up from one story…So I’m sure I could think of a better 5th but I think waking up to a world of ice cream would be pretty amazing!

Do you ever watch films and covert the impossible things you’re seeing? What would you have if given the chance? As Lewis Caroll wrote… ‘Sometimes I believe in as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.’ Maybe we just all need to try harder! 😛

5 pet peeves

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As it’s Moanday I decided to get my ‘pet peeves’ post out of the way. I feel a bit bad after inspiring Miss Peg to write a blog full of positivity, but, if you can’t write a post like this on Moanday when can you hey? So…here are my top 5 ‘Pet Peeves’, those things that just make you grit your teeth for no apparent reason!

  1. Cars that indicate when in a lane which only goes one way
  2. Bad table manners. Including chewing with your mouth open and using your fork as a shovel
  3. When someone texts you back after you’ve phoned them. (nb: obv if they can’t call you for some reason that’s fine)
  4. People who don’t cover their mouths when they cough, sneeze or yawn
  5. Rustling sweet wrappers in the cinema. Do it in the noisy bits!!!

Do you have any pet peeves? Or am I just totally irrational? 😛

5 most played songs this month

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  1.  Sweat – David Guetta and Snoop Dog
  2. Skinny love – Birdy
  3. Weightless – All time low
  4. Hello – Martin Solveig
  5. I need Dollar – Aloe Blacc

5 real things I wish I could do:

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1. Play guitar
2. Speak another language fluently
3. Make things out of napkins and paper
4. Play it cool
5. Enjoy exercise. I never seem to achieve that endorphin rush which makes it worth it!