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When in Rome…well, close enough!

Since I went to secondary school my family have entertained quite a few exchange students and international visitors. We all love to take people out and show off the best of Britain and are not deterred by having to drive a few hours to do it. After learning Robbie had to work on Tuesday I thought it might be nice to take Christine out, rather than leave her chilling in her brothers flat with not much to do. I picked her up and we headed to Bath for a day of Roman ruins, ye olde sweet shops and a visit to Sally Lunns for a traditional Bath bun. I love Bath, with  it’s one of my favourite English cities. I think Christine had a good day, I know I certainly did. My highlight was laughing, a lot; always good when you get along well with someone you just met! And the lowlight? Well, it rained, but that didn’t really spoil the day. I guess for me it ended too early, the guys had dinner plans so I headed home. Would have been good to chill for the evening but hey ho, maybe next time!

Negyddion a Cadarnhaol

Cadarnhaol – As money is getting tighter every week I’ve been trying to limit the amount I use the car, preferring to arrange to see people when on my way to/from an appointment. It’s worked pretty well so far and Monday was no exception! On my way back from Bristol I stopped in Cardiff for drinks and a catch up with Portia, then met Robbie and his sister for a stroll around Cardiff before the three of us met Gareth for a burger in the Bay. I know I’ve said it many times before, but I’m so happy to be home. I love that there are friends an hour away and every week I have caught up with someone. Makes me smile!


Negyddol – After being so spoilt for the last couple of weeks the weather finally broke. Hopefully the rain won’t last long and we’ll be back to sunny days and heatwaves again. Fingers crossed!!

Bonfires, beach time and BBQ’s

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I was supposed to go to Bristol yesterday, but for one reason or another I didn’t go, meaning I was very much free when invited to the beach for a BBQ!

Top drawer – I haven’t laughed so much in ages! I forgot how much fun it is to be with people who don’t take life too seriously. No complications, no awkwardness, just good old fashioned family fun on a gorgeous beach with a roaring campfire, BBQ food and marshmallows. Bliss!

Not cricket – my lovely friend gave me some leggings as she never wears them and all mine seem to have gone missing. After kneeling on an ember they lasted precisely one outing…melted!! Oops!!!


Wales – is it the green green grass side or the other?

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It’s so easy to take where you live for granted, especially rural West Wales where not much goes on and it’s often raining. Some times, some days, you are reminded that you live in a beautifully picturesque and peaceful place…others you wonder why you bother!!!

Today Siw and I went out for a stroll which turned in to a 5 mile walk and lunch! We set out from Ferryside and headed up and over to neighbouring Kidwelly, enjoying stunning views of patchwork hills over Llansteffan and the white sandy beaches of Pembrey. It was the perfect way to escape that ‘morning after the party’ feeling and enjoy sunshine, salty sea air and beautiful surroundings. I felt so lucky to be there and honestly wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.


After our walk we hopped in the car and headed over to the local race course which was hosting an E-Festival. I’d never heard of such a thing! After having such a great time at Beyond the Boarder, a storytelling festival, it sounded worth checking out! Wrong. What a flop!! The £15 ‘festival’ consisted of 1 stage, 15-20 craft stalls, and 3 vans offering burgers, sweets and ice cream. There weren’t even any books!!! (It was an e-book festival it turns out, go figure!)

Since we knew ‘the band’ Siw and I did not have to purchase tickets (instead carried equipement and felt very Dirty Dancing) but while we were there we heard more than one comment from punters and stall holders alike expressing their disappointment, “What a waste of money!”. The pair of us made a quick exit when refund discussions between stall holders and the management got heated, but after being promised 20,000 guests you can understand their frustration to see a ‘crowd’ of 20; at least some of whom must have been friends/famuly of those involved, like us. It made me think, people so often moan that there is nothing to do in this county, yet when a new and innovative event (allbeit very over priced) is offered on a warm and sunny day…noone shows up! What can you do hey? At least they tried!

So, Wales…beautiful, wild and infinite but sometimes it just makes you feel a bit…



Oh Queenie, do cheer up!

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Ahh what an magnificently British day!! I’m not an avid sports fan and probably won’t watch much of the Olympics, but I, along with billions of others, was simply glued to the screen last night. What a brilliant show! Danny Boyle, I salute you sire!! It was historic, patriotic, magical and bright, celebrating the best of British and reminding us we really do have a country to be proud of. Yes at times it all seems like it’s going Pete Tong, but last night was a display of what the world sees when they think of the UK (except with a distinct lack of tea cups!) and I think we looked pretty darn good!

Best bits: Queenie looking bored (come on, it was funny!), Charles and Camilla in stitches, Mr Bean stealing the show and when the stage turned into a fairy tale. I loved the forging of the Olympic rings, the lighting of the cauldron (was anyone else confused about what the kids were carrying prior to that?) and David Beckhams face driving that boat…he just couldn’t stop grinning!! The sheer diversity of the contest was brought home by the procession of athletes and some amazing costumes, and we all cheered at those who truly waved their flags like it was the best moment of their life! I laughed, got emotional and was genuinely glued to the screen from start to finish. What a show!

Let downs: Like many others I went to a party last night, played the Olympic drinking game and watched the show in the company of a few nationalities. At one point, as is sadly inevitable when you live in Wales, the talk turned sour, directed at the evil English of course. “Why is the national anthem the English anthem?”, “Why aren’t they singing a Welsh song?”, “Why the Arctic Monkeys? They should have got Tom Jones!” were just some of the comments made. But guys come on, just for the next 16 days, let’s not be 4 separate countries; let’s be the United Kingdom, Team GB! Just for once can we forget England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and all root for our guys to bring home the gold. Come on Britain, you can do it!!!

I made Olympic biscuits!

It’s nice and quiet, shhh, shhh!

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There’s a fine line between peace and boredom!

Peace: I was really productive and got an extra long to do list over and done with…success!

Boredom: When it comes to the point where your back is hurting because you’ve been sat down ALL day you know you need to get out more!!

High high high!

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Ok, let’s get the worst bit out of the way…wearing office clothes in 32° heat is evil, ridiculous and should just never have to happen! Luckily that part of the day was done with pretty quickly and the brilliance began!

Smile 1: BEACH! I LOVE living in a country with so many beautiful beaches a stones throw away, seriously. Today it was the turn of Traeth Mawr (aka ‘Big Beach’) just outside Llantwit Major with my cousins who are camping there. Lovely afternoon poking about in rockpools, jumping over waves, throwing balls for their lovely dogs and generally catching some rays, all topped off with a visit to my favourite pub. Bliss!


Smile 2: Always good to catch up with people when in the area, last week it was the Queen of CK , this week I tried to get the R Crew on board but with R2 on first and Rachel off to the cinema it was up to Robbie and I to fly the flag. So we headed to Macross to catch the last of the sun and for once actually have a serious, semi professional conversation as I needed some advice. It helped a lot too so, smiles all round.


Smile 3: A pressie for mum arrived today and she loved it. Always good when a plan comes together, especially when it’s the icing on the cake of a jolly good day!

Lucky there’s a Family Guy…

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You look like Snoopy and it makes me smile: I hung out with my sister, enjoying the sun and discussing wedding stuff. She has a new puppy too, who is just the cutest tiny ball of fur ever. Fun times 🙂


You have smelly dog farts: Holly got a little sunburnt, feel really bad for suggesting we sit in the sun for 6 hours. Sorry Hols!

The 23rd dailycoaster

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Rain: my body is not appreciating all the walking/running on sand I’ve been subjecting it to lately. It hurts!

Sunshine: Regardless of the resulting ouch there’s nothing like a visit to the beach in the sunshine with good company. Especially when there’s ice cream afterwards with sauce AND a flake!


Rainbow: I expected something bad today and instead got something good. Goes to show people really can surprise you! Made my day 🙂

Funday :)

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Don’t you just love it when the sun  is shining? When we get good weather the UK is one of my favourite places to be; driving down country lanes, sat outside a pub with a nice cold drink or being by the sea, there’s nothing quite like a British summer!

Today was a hat trick 🙂 It began with shades on, windows down and ‘summer 2002’ tunes blasting out on the way to Cardiff, where I got a little lost on my way to collect Robbie from some random train station. I found him eventually though and we were soon settled down at the Wharf for roast dinners in the sunshine, haven’t had a roast in ages, and this one came with rose on the rocks so, happy me!! Just to top it all off the day ended with a trip to see the new Batman movie (which will forever be known by me as Inception 2…seriously, where was Leo?!). I don’t think I could pinpoint a best bit…probably the first sip of wine, don’t think I’ve had that particular brand since about February. It’s so delicious!

Worst bit; tricky! Probably getting lost in Cardiff. I’m aware it’s probably just me, but I find that place so blooming confusing to drive around. None of the signs make any sense, the arrows point straight ahead and then the road bends to the right, google maps on my phone was downright confusing. Luckily the sun was shining and I had a good CD, or else it could have been disastrous!!