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Dictothon day 2: Oulitic

So today Peg selected ‘define’ and my random word generator (taking the place of a dictionary as mine is in Wales!) provided ‘Oulitic’…aren’t you glad we’re going to define it?!

oulitic – {adv. phr.} Outside of your natural surroundings; where you do not belong or fit in. For example: ‘Wild animals are oulitic in their cages.’

So now dear readers, I set you a challenge; try and use this word tomorrow, maybe at work or with your friends! If you manage it, let us know. Good luck!

Blogathon? Blogadone!

I decided last week that I personally would be ceasing the daily blogathon challenge at 50 posts, so that’s it…blogadone!

But not before one final challenge. I asked the girls (cheekily as I set yesterdays theme too) to finish the blogathon by regaling us with their favourite themes from the past 2 months. So we’re each going to provide a ‘top 3’ themes blog to finish the blogathon in style.

So, here are the themes to choose from:

  1. October
  2. Happy place
  3. Birthdays
  4. Public transport
  5. Inventions
  6. Sport
  7. A regular journey
  8. Same gender vs mixed gender schools
  9. Forbidden fruit
  10. Public displays of affection
  11. What have you done today to make you feel proud?
  12. Fairytales
  13. Gratification
  14. Revisit an old familiar place
  15. Should we kill animals for acting naturally?
  16. Music of your teens
  17. Pick a DVD and tell us about it
  18. Swearing
  19. Home
  20. Halloween
  21. Is chivalry dead?
  22. Where would you ask the Doctor to take you?
  23. Describe your magical island paradise
  24. Sustainability
  25. Do you believe in fate?
  26. A day in the life
  27. The best month of your life
  28. What message would you send in a bottle?
  29. Which animal would you be and why?
  30. 3 wishes, 1 for you, 1 for each blogathoner
  31. Describe a typical Christmas
  32. 3 books you loved as a child
  33. Favourite annual celebration
  34. 3 primary school memories
  35. Fear
  36. Close your eyes, walk down a path, describe what you see
  37. Random sentences
  38. Describe yourself in one song
  39. Photo diary of the weekend
  40. Should Britain have a National Day?
  41. Your first gig
  42. Artificial intelligence
  43. Bucket list
  44. Teach something
  45. Family
  46. Fave food
  47. A visit to Father Christmas
  48. Christmas Past, Present and Future
  49. Top 3 Christmas songs
  50. Winter’s tale.

And my bronze, silver and gold are as follows…

In 3rd place number 23: Describe your magical island paradise. I loved this theme on a few levels, firstly because of the memories it brought back of times I have done this before, secondly reading the girls entries was so much fun, I really like themes which bring out our imgainative sides, and thirdly because the islands created, on a Halloween night with my family was one of the best nights in I’ve had in ages. It was family filled with fun, laughter and sillyness. It made me smile a lot!

In 2nd place  number 26: The music of your teens . This was one of those days where, being the same age, we all had the same ‘teenage music’ but yet managed to produce three quite different blogs! I know each and every one of us enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane, listening to the Spice Girls, S Club and Savage Garden. This theme got us all talking on twitter and reminising, perfect!

And coming out as number 1? Day 28: What message would you send in a bottle? This theme brought out such different blogs, I love love love it! Fionas was so heartfelt and warm, whereas Katy told the most awesome story of a real life bottle which has inspired me to do something similar! My own entry for this theme, I’ll admit, makes me giggle a lot, and I think it makes everyone else giggle too. It brought out our differences in a big way, yet each one was one of my fave blogs for each of us. Brilliant theme!

Thought I’d also be brave and choose my fave blog each of us have created. So, follow the links:

The Blog of Sense

The Miss Peg Daily

A Little Bit of Katyness

I’ve really enjoyed this Blogathon challenge, it’s been so much fun! However with Christmas fast approaching and really not knowing where I’m going to be over the next few weeks it was time to draw my chapter of it to a close. Katy and Fi, thank you for sharing themes, stories and memories with me. I hope you’ve enjoyed taking part as much as I have, I think you have 🙂 You’re such lovely ladies, the past two months have been a pleasure. Diolch yn fawr iawn (thank you very much)! xxxx

Blogathon day 50 – Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland!

I love seasons, I have tried over the years to choose a favourite but really for the most part I like the current one. Spring with that fresh feeling in the air, like possibility, seeing the world turn green and feel warm again. Summer brings barbeques, festivals and warm days at the beach, holidays, pimms and a cheery disposition. If one season were to *slightly* edge in front of the others it would be Autumn, with its colours, fallen leaves and crisp cold days that are still bright and blue. It is, in my opinion, the prettiest season, the one which makes me want to go for walks and adventures. Then there is Winter, the season of the day (technically yesterday), the one I have asked the girls to tell me a story, and a joke, about. Winter brings warm layers, scarves, hats and gloves, the possibility of snowdays and warming up by a crackling log fire with mulled wine or hot chocolate. Yes please!!

So let us dispense with the funny business. Here is my joke.

What’s the difference between Snowmen and Snowgirls?


I love snow! I love the fact that it can transform the world around you, make it beautiful, clean and new. I know there are downsides to bad weather, but just for a minute pretend that noone gets hurt, driving is safe, the world doesn’t grind to a halt…isn’t snow AWESOME?! One of the main things I love about snow days are their ability to bring out the inner child in all of us. A few years ago my university had a snowday. Our SRC President at the time had a brainwave and asked everyone to capture their day, whether in photos or videos, and send them in. Result? UWE students are HILARIOUS (and a tad rude). Check it out…


Always makes me laugh 🙂 The 3, 2, 1 in the middle was me. We spent AGES building an entire snow family and all my rugby crazed flatmate wanted to do was tackle one, so he did! That girl on the ‘sled’ at the end there? Also me…alas the camera was also mine, snowballs and technology don’t go well boys and girls!!

So this winter let’s all have a little fun. When it’s cold and wet and gross outside don’t complain, think outside the box. Why not get crafty, or bake something, or if all else fails make a flagon of mulled wine and enjoy it! Here’s wishing you all a snug and fun filled winters season. Enjoy it xx

Blogathon Day 49 – Ding Dong Merrily On High!

On this, the penulitmate day of the blogathon, Fiona has asked for our top three Yuletide (interesting fact, Yuletide actually relates to the Pagan festival, later absorbed into Christmas!) tunes. These can be of any description, be they pop, rock or carol, as long as they have some tenuous link to the festive season. This got me to thinking, am I the only one who doesn’t like when the ‘Christmas number 1’ isn’t Christmassy? The year which annoys me most of all was when Mad World, possibly the most depressing song ever was number one. Though part of me thinks that’s better than another Simon Cowell creation. Anyway, I digress. Here is the World of Katyness Christmas Top 3!

Number Three in the festive chart is…tricky! Despite publishing this in reverse order I wrote it 1, 2, 3 and while 1 and 2 came to me like little lightning bolts, 3 is haaaard! How do you narrow it down?! Hmm, well I am a fan of singing at Christmas. Not necessarily in a drunken way (at this point I would like to share this video from my 3rd year flat Christmas dinner), though that’s fun too, but more carolling and concerts. I spoke at the UWE Christmas Carol concert once or twice and enjoyed singing along to the classics, Once in Royal Davids City, Deck the Halls (check out the Welsh translation talk about depressing!), Hark the Herald Angels Sing…but which is my favourite and best? Tricky! I think it’s going to have to be…..errghh decisions….I don’t…Joy to the World, there, phew, said one. The irony being I really struggle to sing this song, it’s not a key I get on with well, but I love the variety it offers, it’s got singy bits, whispery bits, GREAT BIG BOOMY bits, really gets you up and joining in and I like that!


Number Two is apparently a ‘lesser known’ Christmas song called In Dulci Jubilo. I say lesser known because of the three people I have mentioned it to this week not one of them knew it by name and only one recognised it when played!!!! This tune really gets me in the festive spirit and makes me want to get up and dance. It’s my song of choice for decorating the tree, baking Christmas cookies and wrapping pressies…in fact many a time it’s gone on cd’s before my number one, just to set the scene! For those who are unfamiliar here it is…


Number One is and always has been Fairytale of New York. I love it! It’s one of those bittersweet, sad but happy…tunes! I’m usually quite strict when it comes to Christmas at Christmas time, but this is one song I’ve been known to play throughout the year, usually when I’m on a Kirsty MacColl binge. She has the most amazing voice, and when you pair it with the gruff tones of the Pogues lead singer Shane MacGowan, it just works. I remember being a kid and giggling when the singers were calling each other names, scumbag, maggot, cheap lousy faggot. What merry Christmas times! Haha! Most people (apart from Katy and Fi apparently!) I know seem to have some sort of drama at Christmas, whether Grandad had too much brandy butter or your sister od’d on the sprouts (yeluch!) there is usually at least a *bit* of tension at some point. This song captures the *spirit of Christmas* (being cooped up with people you hate* and being forced to be nice to them) in such a comedic way. It makes me giggle and I like to giggle 🙂

So there you have it, the Christmas top 3 according to me! What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Would love to know! Make sure you follow the links over —> to check out the top three songs Katy and Fi chose too. Also mega big thanks to Katy for putting the vids in this post today, much appreciated lovely!

*I would just like to point out I am not describing my family Christmas here, more a stereotypical one! Everyone’s trying so hard to make it picture perfect that inevitably when the toys a broken, noones remembered to buy batteries and everyones a little too drunk it all goes a bit Royle. You’ve got to laugh!

Blogathon Day 48 – Come in (!) and know me better man!

Today Katy asked us to walk the path of Ebenezer Scrooge (from A Christmas Carol, if you don’t know that then FOR SHAME!) and visit the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future….here goes nothing!

Christmas Past – Maybe it’s the frame of mind I’m in, but the one Christmas standing out for me today is 2008. It was the last Christmas with my Grandad, and I’m really missing him today. I could use his advice. In 2009 I was living in Bristol, working at UWESU and also the Hippodrome as a Front of House Assistant, it was great fun, something I’d always wanted to do, but it meant I couldn’t get home for Christmas as early as I usually would. This was the year my sister and I went shopping on Christmas Eve (madness right?! Nope!! The shops were all empty and the sales had started, best Christmas shopping ever!), my grandparents came to stay and somehow everything just went right. There were no family fueds (a big deal I assure you), there was snow (!!) and therefore snowball fights and I just remember everything being, like Christmas should. Everyone seemed so happy, like something from a film, the perfect holiday season. We lost my Grandad in the February and family wise it’s all been a bit shit since. This is my fave photo of him, I feel like he’d just said something so cheeky, wish I could remember what it was…


Christmas Present – I have no idea, haven’t even worked out where I’m going to be or what I’m buying people. I feel so disorganised this year. 2011 has been an odd year, feel kind of adrift at the moment, though I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever I do and wherever I end up I’m going to try and really enjoy it, soak up the atmosphere and make as many good memories as possible. Two definites so far; our annual Christmas Eve dinner is moving out…we’re off to a restaurant rather than having the traditional supper at home. This means all usual tasks (i.e. I dress the table, my sister brings the pud etc) are out of the window, it’s going to be a year for all things new! Then on the 27th we’re all off to Gloucester to see the cousins. Julie, Andrew and Georgie throw a Christmas bash every year for around 30 members of family and friends. They have a HUGE table, cook masses of food (we bring the cheese and crackers, bet Katy would love that!) and then we all play pictionary on a white board, who’s in the bag and in 2009 a real life version of Chairs. Great fun!

Christmas Future – Before I start, why is this ghost…nevermind, just realised the answer to my own question! In A Christmas Carol, and A Muppets Christmas Carol the ghost of Christmas Future is always the scariest….why? Is it perhaps fear of the unknown? Nope, it’s because Scrooge, being a miser, has nothing to look forward to. In my head my ghost of Christmas Future is far more jolly. Something like this chappy…

Christmas Future, now there’s an exciting thought, where will I beeee? Who will I be with? What will I be doing? Who knows! I am quite looking forward to having a Christmas for myself though. I love my family, but me being me I end up feeling guilty that I am with Mum rather than Dad, or that Nan is on her own, but then when Dad and I went to Nans in 2009 I just wanted to be having my normal Christmas…which then made me feel bad about being selfish.  Guuuuilt trips everywhere. Nothing you can do about it, tis just the way my head works. At the same time though, Christmas is a time for family right? Without traditions, is it still Christmas, really? I have no idea, but I guess there’s only one way to find out.

Blogathon Day 47 – He’s making a list, checking it twice!

Ho ho ho and a Merry Christmas to all!

Is there anything more magical than being a kid at Christmas time? Wishing for snow, counting down the days till a jolly old man in a red suit pays a visit down your fireplace, leaving out mince pies and carrots for the reindeer….magiiiiiiic! Today’s theme was set by my good friend Emma Brown (Enmability to her friends), who would like to know of a visit to Old St Nick.

The thing is, every story I can remember involves taking my nephews, rather than going myself. Yet I must have been, at least 10 times! So, rather than telling you a memorable story from a childhood visit, I’m going to tell you about the best Santas Grotto I’ve ever seen.

A few years ago we decided to visit Berkeley Castle, in Gloucestershire, during their Christmas celebrations. In December the castle becomes an even more magical place, their “Castle by Candlelight” event fills the castle with candles (surprisingly), giant festive trees and a choir warming the great hall with carols and hymns. It’s pretty fantastic, if you haven’t been and are close by I encourage you to go!

After you have explored the many rooms, old corridors and ‘secret’ passageways Berkeley has to offer, supped on hot mulled wine and enjoyed some roasted nuts (probably my favourite winter snack!) you are ready for the pièce de résistance…a visit to the big guy himself. I have to say, even I was caught up in the magic of it.

The entrance to Santa’s Grotto is a long narrow white washed corridor, adorned with boughs of green, fairy lights, mistletoe and decorations. Whilst you wait (there’s ALWAYS a queue) you can hear the choir singing. The day we were there everyone was in good spirits and often those waiting would join in with a carol or two, really got us in the festive mood! At the end of the corridor the ceiling and walls widened into a round cavern about 2m square (can something be m sq if it is round?) where sat a jolly little elf who asked for a pound per child who wanted to go in. She was SO cool, honestly until that moment my nephew had been quite skeptical about the whole thing (right on the cusp of the Age of Non Believing) but this elf, with a nod of her head, twinkling eye and few choice words had him enraptured.

In we went….wow.

Blue lights on the white walls gave the room a decidedly ‘North Poleon’ feeling, there was a carpet of snow, merry snowman and a path of fairy lights leading up to the jolliest man who ever lived. You know how sometimes Father Christmas has just obviously had a long day, what with popping back to Lapland to check on the toy making, answering to Mrs Claus about the route he’s planning to take on Christmas Eve and bugging the elves about the price of reindeer food going up again it’s no wonder that at times he can seem a little grumpy, but not this day! This was, hands down, the best mood I have ever seen Chris Cringle in…he was laughing and smiling, telling jokes and offering hugs to mummys and daddy’s as well as boys and girls. We came out of that room feeling warm and merry and bright and 100% glad to all be on the nice list. What a merry day we had!

I’m really intrigued as to whether Katy and Fi remember visits to St Nick (Sion (like Sean) Con in Welsh for those who are wondering!) as children…seems strange I can’t remember a single visit! I remember there being white footprints from the front door to the tree the year it snowed…I remember my father saying everyone will leave milk, so we should leave brandy out for Father Christmas. Haha! I can recall visits from family we hadn’t seen all year, Christmas walks and brandy butter. I remember the biggest present I ever had, from my uncle, and wondering and wondering what it could be for weeks before Christmas…but visits to mini North Poles, not so much! There’s a message in there somewhere. Am very much looking forward to this year now, thanks Enmability! 😀

Blogathon Day 46 – Katy P! Katy P! Feed her and make that girl so happy!

Food glorious food,
Green curry and pad Thai
While we’re in the mood,
Crusty bread spread with pâté
Hot chorizo and Spanish pork,
What next is the question?
Well these days there is Gaviscon, no

Food glorious food,
Probably eat too much
3 banquets a day
Then gym, running and such!
It’s worth it for creme brûlée, just try it dude!
Oh food, wonderful food, marvellous food, glorious food!

Food glorious food,
Used to favour banoffee
But I over did it
Now dydw I ddim yn hoffi!
Don’t mind a brownie though
With ice cream when in the mood
then, food, once again, food, fabulous, food, glorious food,

Food glorious food,
Nans corn beef hash
When will we get the skills,
To cook like that?
Imagining her lemon cake
My senses go reeling
She loves to feed us up, (it’s a Nan thing
I get the feeling!)

Food glorious food,
What we wouldn’t give for
It to be calorie free
Then it’s all that we’d live for
Know Katy and Fi agree
Fat cells should be shoo’d
Coz we love food, magical, food, wonderful, food, marvellous, food,
fabulous, food, beautiful, food,
glooooooorious foooooood!

(ps. if you read the title to the tune of Oliver! it makes more sense :P)