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Mysterious cats and other tails…

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Oh my goodness I have so many photos from today, but they’re all on my camera so you’ll have to wait. Karjin discovered some of the fun settings on my canon point and shoot and got a little snap happy with some hilarious results. It was another fun and cultured day though, from Van Gogh and walks in the park to playing with giant letters and 3am card games!

We had such beautiful weather once again that we very lazily sat enjoying the sun in Vondelpark for a loooooong time people watching and enjoying the sun. Karjin found her future husband while I spotted my future dog, he was so cute!!! I adore people watching and could have sat there for hours were there not so much more to see and do! After an hour or so Sanj and I had itchy feet so it was off to learn about Van Gogh.

I was so excited to see Almond Blossom in the flesh. It’s my favourite Van Gogh picture! I wanted to see for myself, how big is it? Can you see the texture of the paint as with some of his others? It’s so different from other paintings on display at the museum, at what point of his life did he paint it? So many questions…buuuuuuut unluckily for me the painting has taken a little holiday and is currently on display in Philadelphia. Booooo!

And the quote of the day? Came from these guys:


‘I’ve spent over 30 years with cats, trying to understand them, and I don’t even think I’ve begun to scratch the surface.’

‘Yeah, they’re just so mysterious!’

Ok guys…keep enjoying Amsterdam! :-/

Day 7: Going somewhere?

So today is the 7th day of our Alphathon, the 7th letter of the Alphabet being G, here are our options:

Katy S: Going West Рa certain someone’s travel plans!
Peg: Green Space – How much do you wish to have in your life? City or Country?
Katy P: Guilty Pleasures

Honestly I could quite easily have written about any of these topics, but as someone’s was ever so subtly directed at me, it would be rude to ignore.

As you may have heard I’m planning to take a little trip starting in March. I’ve wanted to do this since I was about 16 years old and while through one reason and another, this trip is slightly different to the original plan I’m still really looking forward to it.

I’ll be starting in NY in March, meeting up with some friends from when I worked at a Long Island summer camp in 2007. Then I travel to Las Vegas to meet my old uni flatmate. We’ll have a few days of gambling, ooing and ahhing at the neon lights and visiting the Grand Canyon before flying to San Francisco and working our way down to L.A. From there we fly back to Philadelphia for a few days (it’s the most round about trip round America ever) before Omelia goes home and I fly down under. We’re still looking at trips and accommodation for the States so I don’t have all the information, just a basic outline.

On continent number two I’ll be visiting another uni flatmate, Steph, in Sydney for a few days before travelling down to Melbourne to see a different friend and go on the Neighbours tour (because I’m cool like that!). From there it gets a bit hazy, I’m hoping to fly up and visit Fraser Island and/or the Whitsundays for a few days but honestly I need to do a bit of research. I have three weeks there though, so plenty of time for adventures!

Then I hop on another jet plane for continent number 3 and the final stop, Thailand, where I’ll be setting up shop and teaching English for a while, hopefully travelling round to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and beyond when I get the chance. Eventually I want to travel to South America too, to teach there for a bit, and obviously there are plenty of more places to visit one day…South Africa, China, Canada, Mexico and Eastern Europe. But there’s plenty of time for all that, one step at a time eh?

The Plan.

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