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Three things – 28th February

  1. I figured there aren’t going to be many opportunities for long soaks in the bath in the next few weeks so I went for it! Am reading a new book at the moment called The Secret History and after an hour in the bath I only just about made it to chapter 2 (long chapters!!). A very relaxing start!
  2. CB has new neighbours and last night one came over and brought his guitar. The only thing better than having a yummy boy sing and play his guitar for you? TWO boys doing the same thing! We had a really good evening ‘jamming’ and singing the likes of Ray Lamontagne, Adele, Paulo, Oasis and a few more I didn’t recoginise. Turn’s out Tom’s a really amazing singer and the pair of them worked really well together. I was in a very happy place indeed!
  3. It was the start of my handover to the new me at work. Do you ever get the feeling someone is just ‘right’ for the role? I really feel like Michelle is going to fit in here better than I ever did. She’s going to do really well, I feel like I’m leaving everything in very capable hands, which is always good.