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Day 21 – Underground, overground, wombling free!

Katy S – U are wonderful, never forget it! What are you really good at?
Katy P – Unusually, I don’t…(finish this sentence)
Peg – Underground – if you could live underground what would your home be like?

Nope, I’m not really good at singing, or rubbish collection, though making good use of the things that I find would probably be on my list of pros about it…I’m not choosing your theme today Katy, I’m going with Pegs!

Are you on Pottermore? I was one of the first to try it out. I love all the extra information it offers fans, background stories about the characters, descriptions of parts of the castle and grounds we hadn’t already seen much of, and obviously the chance to be sorted. How.e.x.c.i.t.i.n.g! As I worked my way through the story I actually became quite nervous about the sorting ceremony…which house would I be in? I’m not particularly brave or cunning, and would certainly not describe myself as ‘unafraid of toil’, so that left me with Ravenclaw…those of wit and learning. That’ll do! I can’t describe to you how dismayed I was when sorted into Hufflepuff, the house which, throughout the books was suggested to be the ‘duffer house’. The next page though made me change my mind, it was the common room!

The Hufflepuff common room (for those who haven’t seen it) is a rounded, underground burrow, with earthy walls and circular windows which offer views of rippling meadows and sunflowers. The room emphasises comfort, with burnished copper lamps casting a golden glow akin to sunset. Overstuffed sofas and arm chairs fill the day room, while patchwork quilts cover each four poster bed in the dormitories. If I were to live underground I imagine I should like a house like this; something between a hobbit house and a badger set. J.R.R. Tolkien paints a picture of rounded rooms with arched roofs, circular wooden doors and curved windows. The light would reflect that of the setting sun, warm and golden, with honey wooden floors, window frames and mantelpieces, deep red and brown furniture and of course a crackling fire.

I would like my house to be in a hillside. If you were to come from behind it you could walk straight onto my grassy roof, and sit in the shade of the old oak that grows on the meadow without realising my house was underneath you. In front of my hillside borrow would be a bubbling brook with a nice bridge across it. Yes, I think I could live there quite happily for a time!


It looks a little bit like one of the pigs from angry birds, haha!

I have to say also, that since researching it I have to admit Pottermore got me spot on when they put me in Hufflepuff. It’s the house for the non competitive and impartial, those which don’t really fit in any of the other houses, for people who will accept anyone and not judge. While I’m not particularly patient, I can be determined (that’s a nice way of saying stubborn right?), have been called loyal and believe whole heartedly in fairplay. If that’s a Hufflepuff then yup, that’s me!

Scores after Day 20:

Katy S: 17
Katy P: 19
Peg: 16