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Have you ever had a crazy idea or agreed to a crazy idea?

Well, on 10th October 2011 I had a crazy idea and two (and a half) others were crazy enough to agree to it.

Introducing you to, the Blogathon.

Myself, Katy and Miss Peg are three (sort of) willing participants in this madness we have named the Blogathon, whereby every single day one of us comes up with a theme and all three of us write about it. Occasionally we are joined by Catnipfields and other guest bloggers are more than welcome to join with themes if they wish! That way you don’t just get ONE blog post, you get three, from differing perspectives.

The best thing about a blogathon is that every participant will come from a different location and/or background than the others. I’m in Wales, Katy’s in Bristol and Fi’s up North and all have had very different experiences. It’s this difference that we hope will shine through in our blogs.

If you want to join in the fun then let one of us know and I’m sure we’ll be happy to have you on board. Who doesn’t want to join in a random blogging challenge? It’s fun after all.

Fiona has brilliantly created a Twitter Blogathon blog to make reading all our entries easier, all the links in one place! Thanks Fi 🙂

Now, what should tomorrow’s theme be?

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